• Shandy with fresh lime wedges, FAVOURITE drink for summer evenings!
  • Oven baked fries with sea salt and herbs I made earlier this week. Will share the (rediculously easy) recipe with you guys later on this week.
  • Our buns being cute as ever <3
  • New gym shoes. I just couldn't resist the pink soles :)
  • Popcorn in traditional red + white paper boxes for our movie date at home.

Our weeks have been filled with birthdays, appointments, figuring stuff out for our new house and this weekend a very fun party at my cousin and boyfriend's house celebrating their graduation + birthday and visiting their new place for the first time. Really enjoyed seeing my family again and just hang out like we used to as little girls. But with our boyfriends this time ;)

Unfortunately the weather is as unpredictable as it can be and we've had some seriously fall-like days this past week. In a week from now our holiday starts so let's hope the sun comes back out again and stays a bit longer than the couple of hours it has been doing for the past few days.

Lots of love,

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  1. Yummm...closeups of food. So tantalizing. haha

    Glad you had such an eventful week, but boo on the weird weather. Oh well, weather shouldn't stop you from having a blast! :)



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