• Fresh summer strawberry's dipped in white chocolate made a special desert to an everyday dinner.
  • Beautiful flowers Pieter bought for me last thursday to celebrate the start of my holiday <3
  • One of my favourite things ever. Melon.
  • Some of the things I made for my boyfriend's birthday party this weekend. Wraps with herb cream cheese + cucumber and chicken with sweet chili cream cheese.
  • Wesc headphones I bought for Pieter's birthday. Definitely want a pair of my own, they sound amazing!
  • This week has been ALL FALL. Wind, rain, cold.. only things missing are the orange leaves and chestnutts. Nonetheless days like these are perfect for at home beauty treatments so I gave myself one of my favourite facemasks and tried not to laugh or talk for twenty minutes ;)

Today is Pieter's actual birthday and just like when you're a kid and you get to choose what you eat, he chose pancakes. So right now I'm gonna be a good girlfriend, put my apron on and do some serious pancake making!

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  1. Heerlijk! Verliefd op je fotootjes lief :D En wat ben je weer knap, zelfs met een camera voor je giegeltje haha! Geniet van je pannekoekjes met vriendlief :D xxx

  2. Super leuke foto's weer! En wat grappig dat je vriend ook vandaag jarig is! Ik weet niet hoe het weer bij jou is maar bij mij is het trui aan, sjaal aan en verwarming aan haha. Hele fijne dag ( avond ) nog!

  3. wind, rain, wind, and cold sound good to me, I hate Summer so much,because it's very hot and uncomfortable… reading this actually makes me wanna live in Brasil right now, or in The Netherlands the weather can't be that bad… at least for me :) I love the Cold!!

  4. erg leuk weer, deze post! je lay-out vind ik ook mooi hoor!

  5. Such pretty pictures! The strawberries and chocolate look delicious.
    I too hope summer will start soon =) Happy pancake making!



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