• Wearing my new red pants from H&M. Love the color but hate the fact that the inner seam on the right side keeps twisting to the front. Grmbl..
  • Having scones and jam @ Pink Lemon in Den Bosch while enjoying the sun and getting my tan on. Woot!
  • Part 2 of the Yvonne Koné bracelet DIY. Love the way this one turned out, might even like it better than the first one I did here.
  • Fashiolista stickers for making all dull things a little bit prettier :)
  • Some leftover brownies me and my cousin made for desert when having dinner all together last Saturday. Sweet fresh strawberries and dark chocolate brownies just go sooo well together!
  • Never owned a pair of high top sneakers, but when I ran into these amazing Adidas ones I just had to take them home. I mean, on sale AND in the right size.. that's meant to be ;)

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  1. Heerlijke foto's en je bent echt een knapperd :) Ik wil je broek!!
    KOES fijne zondag :)

  2. Hele leuke foto's! En wat gaaf je eigen DIY Yvonne Kone bracelets <33

  3. Nou jaaa dat meen je niet! Kunnen ze die 15cm die jij eraf haalt dan niet aan die van mij plakken? :p haha!

    En leuke post, vind die armbanden echt superleuk zo!


  4. die broek is echt zo mooi! Leuke fotos verder

    Travel in Style

  5. Die cake ziet er zo lekker uit!

  6. Die Yvonne Kone armband is echt to die for, supermooi!
    Mooie foto's!


  7. The bracelet is amazing... and the brownies have my mouth watering....

    Great photos!


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