Wouldn't be fair letting this beauty go unintroduced, so without any further ado here's the gorgeous new addition to my wardrobe. The Acne Dark navy blue zipper jacket. It was love at first sight.. <33

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  • Making a sauce out of fresh frozen raspberry's.
  • It looked gorgeous once done and served as a great fruity layer for my chocolate layered cake with 3 layers of chocolate sponge, a creamcheese frosting layer and ofcourse one with the raspberry sauce!
  • View from the location where we took today's outfitpics. Gotta say, I would love to drive one of these babies some day :D
  • Some delicious real Italian food my mum + dad got me from their holiday, already made pasta last night and it was yummm.
  • Little preview of today's outfit. Wore this bright yellow sweater which is quite thick and I still felt a bit chilly outside, hmmh guess autumn is on it's way..

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top - Zara // scarf worn as headband - Zara mens (last seen here) // pants - Mango // shoes - Nelly
cuffs - Ydeltuyt // lips - Diorific gypsy red

Maybe one of the last days I'm able to wear these sandals. Haven't worn them a lot this year, just once before here and that is such a shame because I love the look of them with their chunky wooden platforms.

Something I will definitely be wearing A LOT this year, is my new Zara top. It's so versatile and the asymmetric cut makes it so much more interesting and fun to play with. I know for sure you'll be seeing a lot of it here on the blog :)

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  • Antwerp central station
  • Me enjoying a yummm chocolate/fudge shortbread at Starbucks.
  • My mom's raspberry/white chocolate cake, Pieter's apple/cinnamon muffin and my shortbread.
  • The champagne bar at shopping centre 'Stadsfeestzaal'.
  • Church in Antwerp (can't remember which one though..)
  • Going on a horse and carriage ride with just the four of us for my mom's bday. Sounds very cheesy and touristic but it was sooo much fun!
  • Pieter's strawberry cocktail, looked kinda girly but tasted nothing like that with what I'm guessing was 1 part strawberry and about 9 parts of your strongest liquor. Tasted absolutely awesome and was def a man's drink!
  • Bee + lavender.
  • The inside of my chocolate dessert that day. MY GOD it was good!
  •  My mom's special bday dessert that actually came with a small firework fountain and a singing waiter bringing it to the table.
  • Wearing my new Acne jacket for the 10 minutes I owned it. But good news! The new one has arrived yesterday, wooot :)
  • Sweet vanilla scented candles in our hallway/bedroom (small house, so more purposes to an area :P)

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As a nice change from all the savory snacks served at my birthday party, I decided to make a couple batches of miniature cupcakes. Never done them before, but couldn't resist the cute baking tray at the store as well as the tiny cupcake liners so I was optimistic to give it a try!

I used a plain cupcake recipe similar to this one and baked them in the oven for about 10-12 minutes untill they start to brown just a bit and a toothpick comes out clean. The first two batches I filled with strawberry jam using a plastic squeeze bottle like this which is actually quite handy for lots of things in the kitchen and costs nearly nothing. (for all the dutchies, I bought my one at Hema :)

For the last batch I added some chocolate chips to the batter and sprinkled some on top before putting them in to the oven. If you leave the chocolate chips to sit in the batter for about 10 minutes, they start to desolve and give a delicious chocolate flavour to your cupcakes. As for decorating I used edible silver glitter, plain white frosting, cream cheese frosting and the chocolate ones I dipped in melted chocolate for the ultimate mini chocolate cupcake <3

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striped tee - COS // diy skirt - H&M // shoes - Zara // watch - Michael Kors // lips - MAC lady danger

Wasn't planning on doing a video AT ALL, but while shooting the pictures my bf thought it'd be fun to try it out a bit and so we did. Nothing fancy just me walking around but yes, finally a start on doing outfit video's.

I'm gonna go prepared next time we do a video 'cause just me walking around back and forth might get old at some point ;) I put the pictures we made also in there just to get a better look at the outfit itself. Let me know what you think!

xx Daphne

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Couldn't leave Antwerp without paying a small visit to COS. (it's a good thing my mom & dad were also there otherwise I would've come home with A LOT more knits/pants/jackets and anything else suitable for the upcoming season ;)

Came home with this bright almost neon yellow sweater and gorgeous high waisted black skirt in a very thick structured fabric. Hate for the summer to be over, but LOVE to be able to start wearing these!

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  • Lavender bubble bars at Lush.
  • Going to Antwerp for the day to celebrate  my mom's birthday. Will show you more about that later. 
  • Delicious warm chocolate cake with strawberries and a mojito granité, yes it tasted just as good as it looks! (maybe even better ;)
  • My parents' pet bunny we're looking after while they're on holiday to Italy, being all curious and cute as can be.
  • Hot air balloon above our house.
  • Me and my new just unwrapped Acne jacket my boyfriend got me for my birthday (thanks sooo much babe <3) Unfortunately we discovered some stains on the back, small but noticeable so we decided to take it back to the store and a new one is coming in from Denmark as we speak so I can't wait to finally have it at my home and wear my gorgeous jacket!

PS. Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday comments guys, that was so sweet! XX

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