• Antwerp central station
  • Me enjoying a yummm chocolate/fudge shortbread at Starbucks.
  • My mom's raspberry/white chocolate cake, Pieter's apple/cinnamon muffin and my shortbread.
  • The champagne bar at shopping centre 'Stadsfeestzaal'.
  • Church in Antwerp (can't remember which one though..)
  • Going on a horse and carriage ride with just the four of us for my mom's bday. Sounds very cheesy and touristic but it was sooo much fun!
  • Pieter's strawberry cocktail, looked kinda girly but tasted nothing like that with what I'm guessing was 1 part strawberry and about 9 parts of your strongest liquor. Tasted absolutely awesome and was def a man's drink!
  • Bee + lavender.
  • The inside of my chocolate dessert that day. MY GOD it was good!
  •  My mom's special bday dessert that actually came with a small firework fountain and a singing waiter bringing it to the table.
  • Wearing my new Acne jacket for the 10 minutes I owned it. But good news! The new one has arrived yesterday, wooot :)
  • Sweet vanilla scented candles in our hallway/bedroom (small house, so more purposes to an area :P)

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  1. je jas is prachtig, super leuke fotos!

    Travel in Style

  2. Toffe post, en dat jasje staat je super! :)


  3. Al die taartjes en toetjes zien er echt heerlijk uit!
    Hoop dat je een leuke verjaardag hebt gehad :)



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