• Without a doubt, THE best store-bought chocolatechip cookies EVER!
  • Taking a bite from the last one in the pack, a sad but yet heavenly feeling ;)
  • Very much in love with my new Zara top I already showed you here.
  • Fresh made blueberry muffins. They make a delicious weekend breakfast.

A very short sunday select this week since most of my time for the past few weeks, especially this last one, went into planning and organising things for my moms 50th birthday surprise party. Had SO MUCH FUN with all the preparations! Making video's of everyone and even dressing up with my cousins and putting together a short choreography like we used to as little girls :D

I'm wishing you a very lovely Sunday and an amazing week ahead of you.
Right now, I'm gonna paaarrrrty! 

Love, Daphne

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  1. Gefeliciteerd voor je moeders Verjaardag :-) ( Hope I wrote it well, I 'm still learning)
    I agree Pepperbridge farm makes some delicious cookies, but the best in my opinion are Nabisco's Chip Ahoy; they're are delicious!1

  2. Dankjewel voor de felicitaties babes! Thanks :D


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