Sad to say I'm sending these babies back. I ordered them from Topshop a little over a week ago, and they arrived at my door this weekend. Tried to walk in them indoors, but after having them on my feet for a few minutes they started to hurt like hell at my heel and I just knew we weren't meant to be. So bye bye sweet creepers, hopefully we'll be a better fit next time!

If you know of any type of creepers that are amazingly comfortable  (which is THE thing a flat shoe should be, I mean there's gotta be some compensation for lack of height ;) please let me know 'cause I'm still searching for the perfect pair of creepers!

Lots of love, Daphne

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striped top - COS // army green pants - Zara studio // white pumps - Zara // turquoise ring - Ydeltuyt
lips - MAC lady danger

I really should wear these pants more often. Last time I wore them here which is almost 5 months ago so shame on me! They are perfect for dressing extremely comfortable but without looking like you're in your sweats all day and together with one of my favourite pair of heels they do a mean comfortable chic ;)

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silk pants - Zara // grey pocket tee - COS // clutch - H&M faa // lips - MAC girl about town

Thank god for these belated summer days! Ever since I bought this floral beauty I haven't been able to take it outside for a spin. Caus it's such a looker on itself, I didn't felt it needed anything more then a simple grey tee and my extremely comfortable ballet flats :)

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  •  Didn't expected it -at all- but finally after 6 weeks waiting, a whole lot of emails and almost given up hope at receiving this package at all, my wesc banjo headphones arrived and I love them!
  • Cranberry + peanut butter brownies
  • Wooohoooooow!! I couldn't be happier, after doubting and changing my mind for over 10 years I finally put on my brave pants and got a tattoo. Actually I got two and will show you the other one later this week!
  • ps. and goosebumps ;)
  • Thursday lunch, a humus, chicken, rocket and mango sandwich.

This has been one of the most exciting, weird, nervous and amazing weeks ever. It feels so good to finally have done something I have wanted to for soooo long! But I already know this is gonna be slightly addictive and even though these two haven't even properly healed and gone through the whole process of turning in to a gorgeous tattoo, I'm already thinking what's gonna be next :)

Love, Daphne  

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jacket + shoes - Zara // jeans - Acne // necklace - H&M trend // white tank - Zara

Here she is, the jacket I was telling you about. Saw it, LOVED it, and took her home :)
The fabric is amazing and the golden zippers (that actually do open all the way!) look gorgeous against the structured black. Without a doubt already a favourite for fall!

I wore this to the theatre yesterday which was so much fun! I love going to the theatre for a night of comedy or music. It was the first show of the season and I'm very happy we managed to get tickets for all the things we wanted to go and see, so I'm already looking forward to the next one :)

Have a great weekend everyone,
Kisses Daphne

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When going to Eindhoven yesterday for something veeeeeery exciting, (those of you following me on twitter might already know but I'll tell you more real soon!) I couldn't resist stepping in to Zara for a quick look and bumped in to these babies. Already spotted them in the online shop and for some reason didn't order them, but when seeing them up close and personal I was sooooold :D

Also bought a gorgeous black jacket with golden zippers I will show you guys in a outfitpost tomorrow!

Have a great day and don't forget, tomorrow it's weekeeeeend! Woot :)

xx Daphne

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camel blouse - Mango // red pants - H&M // wooden heeled wedges - Zara // watch - Michael Kors

I love love love how red and camel go together. Wore this combination a lot last winter and couldn't resist putting these two lovebirds together again! Fall is here to stay and what better way to embrace the season than to get out all your warm, rich colored items out of the closet and take them out to play :)

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jacket - Acne dark bomber // white top - Zara (last seen here) // jeans - Acne kex // sneakers - Converse all stars
necklace - H&M trend // hair cuff - DIY

Finally wearing the Acne jacket my boyfriend got me for my birthday. Did I already mention I LUUUUUV it..?
Yes sir I do ;)

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