• I made some triple chocolate chip cookies using this recipe, to bring with us when visiting my cousin and her boyfriend.
  • Having dinner later that night, preparing all sorts of food in small portions on a stone grill and in small pans under a grill. I've been told it's kind of a Dutch thing to do, so let me know if you do anything similar to this in your country!
  • Red onions and sweet paprika's, mmm :)
  • Trying out a 50mm 1.8 lens. I've been thinking about buying one for quite some time and got a chance to try it out. Still not sure about it though, would it be great for full body shots with great bokeh as well? I do love how this picture turned out though.
  • Bagels for a lazy Sunday breakfast <3
  • They started on the frame work for our roof, so hopefully it will all be ready before fall really kicks in!

How was your week and did you enjoy the weekend? Let me know!
Kisses, Daphne

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  1. That bagel looks great photographed that way! I'm thinking about getting a 50mm 1.8 lens as well, but I have a Nikon so I'd have to focus manually all the time. For me, that's not such a big problem but since my boyfriend shoots my outfits I'm not sure he'll be too glad. But I do love pictures taken with that lens!
    XO, Lucy
    Lovely By Lucy

  2. het eten ziet er echt goed uit:) chocolate chip cookies!:D


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