coat - H&M (old) // fine knit - Zara // flare jeans - H&M // sneakers - Converse // watch - Michael Kors
bracelet - Pink Ribbon // necklace - H&M

When not feeling very well but still having to go outside I love throwing on a nice pair of jeans and (multiple layers!) fine knits. I could literally live in these jeans since they are just as comfortable as a pair of sweats but without the whole shabby-sick-girl-gowing-outside-look ;) Thankgod for my new bling to give this look just that little bit of umphh, say hi to my new pink ribbon bracelet and H&M goldtone necklace.

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  • Very yummm caramel cake.
  • Finally a black clutch and I looove the blue accent of the elastic band.
  • Perrrty christmas decorations, didn't buy any though ;)
  • Peek-a-boo!
  • Christmas has hit the stores and even though we're not buying anything new this year since we're (hopefully) moving in to our new house the beginning of next year, I can't help myself from looking. I'm just a sucker for christmas :D
  • The first of hopefully a bunch of new knits this season.

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Some beautiful photo's I found on the amazing merisoniomblackandwhite tumblr. Always had a thing for black & white photo's and have been collecting them on my computer for quite some time, thought I'd share these with you. Enjoy the weekend and have a lovely Saturday!

Love, Daphne

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Looove what I've seen this far of the H&M Dragon Tattoo collection, which is inspired by the film
The girl with the dragon tattoo (here). Lisbeth Salander is the main character of the movie and was leading inspiration for this collection. Trish Summerville who is the costume designer for the movie, teamed up with H&M and created a dark, edgy but still kind of basic collection and I can't wait till it hits the stores!

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  1. Get yourself a piece of flexible transparant plastic (from the diy- or crafts store) a punch tool, some bolts + nuts (I used size M5) and a pair of scissors.
  2. Think about how big or small you want the bracelet to be, measure it and draw a line on the plastic. Now cut out your soon to be new accessory :)
  3. Use your punch tool to make the holes in the bracelet, there are hundred different ways to make this bracelet so just try out what you think looks best. Make sure your bolts will fit through the hole you're making with the punch tool!
  4. Now put in the bolts, screw the nuts on top and your bracelet is done!! Hope you like it and if you do try this or something similar please let me know, I'd love to see! :)

 XXX Daphne
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jacket + dress - Zara // belt - COS // boots - Acne // bracelet - DIY

Wore my Acne boots again and looooved it! After not wearing them for a while I forgat how comfortable they are and it makes me wanna wear them more and more!

PS. I'm doing a DIY post on the bracelet tomorrow so stay tuned :)

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  • Sugar & sweets on the table @ lunch
  • Green tea with cactus and figs in a pretty holder.
  • My mom's lunch. Vegetable tart with a mushroom and rocket salad.
  • My new necklace.
  • Oranges all ready to be made in to some fresh orange juice with our new (if I may say so, bitching ;) kitchen machine!
  • A big jug filled with freshly made apple/orange/pineapple juice. Great way to start a Sunday morning.
  • Going out for a nice afternoon hike.
  • View from the top.
  • The boy <3

I'm really sorry for the absence over here on the blog guys! I made this post extra big to hopefully make up for it :) Have been having very busy days and weekends lately with way more things to do in a day then there are hours to do them in. But definitely also trying to find time to relax and do fun stuff.

But how are you today? Have you enjoyed this weekend? I'm still getting used to fall, the cold and the sun making room for starry nights early in the evening. Have you adapted to the new season already?

Have a great week everyone!! xxx

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