1. Acne pistol short
2. Zara heeled ankleboot with zipper
3. Topshop Aldgate black heeled chelsea boots
4. Topshop Ambush glitter boots
5. Zara brown leather stretch boot
6. Topshop Pomp patent chelsea boots

At the moment I'm craving everything boots, maybe obsessing over is a better fit to the situation.. For a long time now I've been in love with the Acne pistol boots, but for some reason still not enough to go out and get my own pair (don't know why, guess the mind works in crazy ways sometimes ;)

But these 6 are the ones that are one my mind at the moment and I'm planning to get at least 2 pairs of them in to my closet before winter kicks in. So this is my fall-boot-collecting-plan and one of them is already on the way!

Do you share my boot cravings for this fall?

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  1. I love all off them! Actually last week I bought the short pistols and girl they are amazing! Now I am craving for the topshop ones, <3!!


  2. i'll have them all, please!

  3. I share your love completely!
    Ever since I got my faux pistol boots at Sacha I'm don't want to take them off anymore! They just go well with everything.. I was also thinking about getting those glitter boots from Topshop, but they also have those with leopard print and I really can't choose!
    XO, Lucy
    Lovely By Lucy

  4. I want all of them... *sigh*
    Xoxo Whitney



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