Yesterday we went to the 'woonbeurs' (a fair/expo dedicated to home/living/garden/kitchen and all things related) and saw a lot of things we loved, more things we didn't, and got some great advice about using colors in our new house.

We love the idea of painting walls in a deep dark, almost black colour with the contrast of white window frames and also spotted the shower head we picked out a few  months ago, displayed in one of the concept bathrooms. The second last photo shows floor samples and how amazing would it be to have a golden bathroom floor!

Ended the day with buying some food magazines at Delicious and having some freshly baked warm apple pie, mmmm :)

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  1. ik ben helemaal niet zo van het interieur, maar ik zie wel gave dingen!

  2. dankjewel meis!

    zou wel een hele dag daar kunnen rondkijken en inspiratie op doen.


  3. ziet er zo leuk uit! Ik ben ook al aan het rondkijken wat ik graag wil in mijn nieuwe huis!

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