• Picking out our new car! ( I wish :P)
  • Parking garage at the Amsterdam Rai, love how the lines of the pipes photograph.
  • Hot & toasty baguettes right out of the oven, mmm :)
  • Crazy autumn days. This has to be THE hottest October days I've ever seen, people were actually getting their boats out in to the water and taking a swim every once in a while just to cool off..
  • Having a refreshing tonic while sitting down outside at a cafe taking a break from bicycling. (and trying to delay my already fading tan ;)

Now I'm off for a quick run, a nice shower afterwards, and hopefully to bed early today!
How was your weekend, did you enjoy it? Let me know :)

xx Daphne

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  1. Wat een prachtige foto die laatste! Echt heel erg mooi. X

  2. Mooie foto's!
    Is dat al met die nieuwe lens? :)
    XO, Lucy
    Lovely By Lucy

  3. lovely photos :)
    i just discovered your blog, it's amazing! I'm following you now ;)


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