• The beginning of my vegetable lasagne, zukini, tomatoes, red onion and yellow paprika!
  • My absolute favourite tea at the moment, pickwick Autumn Storm which is a flavoured tea with cinnamon and apple pieces.
  • Without a doubt the highlight of my week. Finally we got to take a look inside our new home and it was awesome! These are our garden doors seen from the inside of the livingroom.
  • Wooden beams in the attic.
  • The back of our house photographed from in the garden. (well garden, right now it's nothing more than just a pile of sand but I can see te potential :D)
  • Funky lego characters ;)
  • Miniature pizza's with tomato sauce, pineapple, red onions and mozzerella.

Really wanted to do this post yesterday, but after some back luck with our car (thick smoke came out from under the hood while driving and the smell of burned rubber filled op the inside..) and standing out in the cold while they were fixing our car, we came home waaay later than expected (with an emergency solution) so there was not much energy left to do anything. Luckily my dad got a chance to look at it today and already fixed it, thanks dad!!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and started the week of good this monday!
Talk to you soon, lots of love Daphne

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  1. I can imagine how excited you were when entering your new home!! It looks great. Are you already looking forward to buy furniture?

  2. your new home looks amazing, you'll have fun decorating:)

  3. great photos!
    need to get myself some nice tea for autumn :)

  4. wow the last picture looks so so good!! xx

  5. zo, jullie huis schiet alweer op! geniet ervan!

  6. Your new home looks lovely! I love the wooden details!
    Autumn tea is my favourite too ;)


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