blazer, white top + shoes - Zara // silver pants - H&M Trend // watch - Michael Kors // necklace - H&M

Bought these pants at the H&M Trend department last time I was in Amsterdam (here) and this is my first time wearing them. They're not as easy to combine as I'd hoped, but they're definitely showstoppers ;)

XXX Daphne

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jacket - Acne (last seen here) // a-symmetrical top, boots + clutch - Zara // pants - Topshop

Remember this jacket? I still feel very lucky for having this in my wardrobe and 'cause I got it from my boyfriend for my birthday it will always be extra special when wearing it.

XXX Daphne

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  • Bunny! I just love him to bits.
  • 'Pletskeskoek' This is something my mom always makes for special occasions such as birthdays, christmas and other celebrations. It's a type of pastry made from layers of biscuits, mocca, strawberry jam and some chocolate decorations and IT-IS-GOOD :) This week she made it for someone else but also made a small one for us, thanks mom!!
  • We got a call from the company where we've ordered our kitchen that some things were taking out of the collection so we had to go back and amongst others pick out a new pattern for our kitchen counter. Arrhhhggh, decisions decisions... :P
  • Such cute puppies from my aunt + uncle. Really wish we could take them home with us! SO CUTE!
  • Maitre Paul cupcakes. This is something new we've tried out, these are frozen cupcakes you can take out of the freezer and defrost in about 45 minutes. Super handy for when you're having some unexpected company.
  • Trying out a small piece from the chocolate one, mmm :)
  • Silver pants and burgundy knit for curling up in a chair with some hot tea.

Have a great week sweeties and enjoy your sunday night!

XXX Daphne

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You can never go wrong with a perfect black item. Love these looks and items in almost all black and wouldn't mind again adding them to my wardrobe! Everything from Zara.

PS. Happy weekend everyone! :)

XXX Daphne

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Remember this post I did a while ago about my favourite pair of jeans? I felt that it was time to express and share my love about these Topshop pants with you. I'm tempted to say that they're jeans, since that's what the website says, but they're more pants-like than they are denim so there you are ;)

Got the grey one first (here) and after wearing them for a day I was hooked and got the black and burgundy (here + here) one the following week. I am actually still deciding if I should get some blue denim colored ones as well, but I'm not sure yet. To sum it up, the Moto Leigh 'jeans' to me are the perfect skinny, stretch, super soft fabric pants for a very nice price.

Have you tried these or maybe some of the other Topshop jeans before? Let me know!

XXX Daphne

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HOMESHOTS - 23112011

jacket with zippers - Zara // striped tee - COS // burgundy pants - Topshop (also seen here)
shoes - Zara 

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If there's one everyday type of food you can do almost ANYTHING with, it's bread. Pain au chocolat, sausage rolls, garlic bread, you name it. Yesterday I had the urge to bake my own bread again, this happens once or twice a year, can't fight it.. There's just something magic and nostalgic about the smell of freshly baked bread filling up the room. Besides the basic bread I always do, I also tried out something else yesterday.

What you'll need :

  • Basic bread dough, made from scratch like this or from a store bought mixture, either way is fine!
  • Olive oil
  • Your favourite herb mix, I used this one from Oil&Vinegar. You can also use chopped up sundried tomatoes or a red pesto. It's up to your taste.
  • Grated cheese

1. Like many of my favourite recipes, this one too is very easy to make. Take a piece of dough at the size of your liking and roll it out till it's about 1cm thick. Preheat the oven to 220 C or 420 F.

2. Add some hot water and olive oil to your herb mixture making a kind of spread and smear on top of your dough. ( if you're using pesto or chopped up sundried tomatoes you don't have to add water + olive oil )

3. Roll it up like in the picture and put on top of a baking sheet with parchment paper. Sprinkle over some grated cheese and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. ( you can also sprinkle some cheese on top of the herb mixture before making it in to a roll, yumm! )

4. Ofcourse you can eat this cold, but damnnn it tastes good right out of the oven with some soft cheese or sliced cheddar. A perfect side dish for soup or just as a party snack. (just saying, yes, you can also have a party by yourself ;)

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knitted sweater - Nowhere // denim cutoffs - Levi's // tights - H&M // shoes - Converse // scarf -HEMA

Hi guys! Just letting you know that here's nothing wrong with your computer screen, or our camera for that matter. When we made these pictures yesterday it was extremely foggy outside, to a point where you couldn't see anything for more than 2 metres away from you. Very scary driving around right now so I'm hoping this weather won't stick around too long..

Back to the outfit. I'm loving this sweater more and more each time I wear it, wasn't really sure about it the first time (here) but it's SO comfy and warm, how can I not love it :)

XXX Daphne

PS Also got a new winter coat this week, will tell you more about that later on!
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  • My sweet girl Lianne brought some home made cookies with white chocolate and brazil nuts with her when visiting us. And did you check out the gorgeous wrapping!
  • Zoef-Zoef doing his bunny stare in to the camera ;)
  • Filling for the apple pie me and my cousin made this weekend.
  • If we may say so, the very well turned out, finished product! Mmm.
  • Can't believe how foggy it has been this past week and still is actually..
  • Pretty cookies and tea are amazing company on a cold afternoon.
  • Sunday morning mini croissants.
  • As the days get shorter I love lighting candles in the house for that cozy feeling :)

Have you enjoyed your weekend and this past week? Let me know!

XXX Daphne

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