Alright, where to begin.. Being a blog reading longer than I've been a blogger, I always loved the posts at the end of the year where bloggers show their favourite outfits of that year, or select one from every month. Even though I loved that idea (and might still do that tomorrow..), I wanted to do it a little different and show you guys the pictures you normally never (ever!) get to see ;)

I don't know how this goes with other bloggers, but when we're making outfit shots it's always a little weird to pose. So I have a tendency to goof around A LOT! Which results in me laughing rediculously, (flipping the finger, sorry for that..) making funny faces, sticking my tongue out, start dancing and shaking my bootayyy and god nows what else..

Hopefully you'll still love me after this post sweeties, as I do you! Have a really nice evening tonight and welcome the new year with love, warmth and all the good things you can think of!!!


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HOMESHOTS - 28122011


blouse + ankle boots - H&M // jeans - Topshop // tank top - HEMA // leather belt - Vintage

Still not feeling a 100%, so easy going outfits is what I find myself going for these last two weeks. Made these photo's when it was already starting to become dark and my 18-55mm lens doesnt do very well in these conditions, so thats why the pics are a little less sharp. Hopefully we'll manage to make some good outfitshots outside today, but we'll see.. One step at a time right :)

Have a great day lovelies!


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Just wanted to show you what I got for christmas, thank you sooo much to my sweet boyfriend and family for all the nice presents. *big kiss*

What's on the table :

  • Cooking book with all types of delicous recipes for sweet & savory cupcakes
  • Cupcake decorations and frosting
  • Since we've wanted a puppy for aaaages and as soon as we're settled in our new home we're definitely getting one, so Pieter got me a book with tons of cute pictures of doggies and information about the different breeds. We do have to get one that will be super nice to our bunny ofcourse!
  • 2 new games for our Wii, Just Dance 3 (yeahhh, getting my groove on in the living room *with the curtains closed* ;) and one with all types of boardgames like Cluedo, Twister etc. which is gonna be perfect for a night in with friends.
  • A golden 'beep-egg'. Which is a gadget you put in the water with your eggs and it sings you different songs for soft/medium/and hard boiled eggs, so you'll always get a perfect egg :)
  • Burburry The Beat perfume, love this one!
  • A home perfume in a delicious winter scent.
  • And last but not least my new cap. 2 reasons why I love this so much, first because it's burgundy and as I expressed many times before, I love me some good ol' burgundy! And the second one is because it says Truck Brand, and I'm guessing not a lot of you now this and might not even have thought this about me, but I am a licensed forklift truck driving girl, hell yeahhh. But most of all I love this cap cause I think it looks bitching in all it's ways :D

What did you get for christmas and which one is your favourite present?

Lots of love and have a wonderful day!


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All images via jak&jil

Some prrrrrrty inspiration pictures for you here on the 26th of twelve. Something for me, something for the boy and some just because they're too friggin' awesome not to post ;) 

- We're both looking for the perfect Parka, which sounds A LOT easier than it actually is.. - I'm thinking about expanding my Converse collection, simply because you can never have enough! - This one's for Pieter and his fascination (= obsession!) for watches - And finally, those last heels truly are Perfection! -


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dress - H&M Trend // tights - H&M // golden shoes - Nelly.com // nails - HEMA

Hi sweeties! This is what I wore for our christmas eve yesterday. My family came over to our house and we unwrapped ( a lot! ) of presents that were under the tree. *actually thinking about getting 2 trees next year so the amount of presents don't look so out of proportion again :P* Had some nice little snacks and the apple-cider I told you about here.

How did you spend your xmas eve? Have you already unwrapped your presents yet? And ofcourse see the faces of the people you've bought presents for, which might be even better than getting some yourself. Well..... it's the same at least :D

Happy Christmas!!!

XXX Daphne

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Due to all the hectic events lately I almost forgat to tell you guys about my feature on the italian website of Grazia. How absolutely amazing is that!!! I stand next to the beautiful Vicki of Bikinis & Passports and we're showing our interpretations of a good winter knit. The article is in Italian but you can check it out here!

Have a great day sweeties and don't forget, only one day till christmas WOOT!

XXX Daphne

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clothing/shoes/accessories by Zara :
Little black dress
High heeled sandals
Glittery evening purse
Zipper blazer
Hair piece with flower

Lipstick - MAC matte lipstick, Lady Danger
Perfume - Giorgio Armani, Emporio Diamonds

clothing/shoes/accessories by Zara :

Little black dress
Knitted striped beanie
Leather look jacket
Suede shoulder bag
Leather boots

Mascara - Lancôme Hypnôse
Perfume - Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb

I'm always a little hesitant when it comes to buying party clothes and I tend to go for bargains so I won't mind them being in my closet all year long and only see the light of day at christmas time. Having this said, this rule only applies to sparkly/glittery/shiny things that you just simply can't dress down. However, if you invest in something you can wear many ways it is well worth adding to your wardrobe (bargain or no bargain ;)

The perfect example of an item that can be worn many different ways is the Little Black Dress. For look no.1 I dressed it up for Christmas with some nice heels, shimmer and glitter here and there and red lips to top it off. As for look no.2 I went for some tough looking boots, added some leather and a nonchelant knitted beanie.

XXX Daphne

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Just a few days left and christmas is here again. To make these days as fun and relaxed as possible, the key is preperation. I've already started wrapping the gifts I bought for everyone (which always takes up more time than you think, cause you wanna make them as perrrty as you can ;) selected some festive nailpolishes and did most of the shopping for christmas dinner, some things you just can't buy that long in advance but the less you have to do/buy last minute, the better!

This weekend I bought something new to me, Aspen Cider Spices. You can use it to flavour your cupcakes, applepies you name it. The store I bought it in made Apple Cider out of it which is nothing more than 0.7 litres of applejuice, 0.3 litres water and 2 tablespoons of the spices. (add rum if you want to..) We tried out the non alcoholic one and it was sooo delicious and christmassy, I just had to have!

How are you doing on your christmas preperations? Are you a last minute person, or do you try to do things in advance? Let me know!

XXX Daphne

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coat - French Connection via Asos // knitted jumper - Nowhere // jeans - Acne // shoes - Converse // scarf - Zara

This is what I was wearing last Sunday. Probably a day I will never forget.. Very strange thinking that at the time we made these photos we would have never ever thought the day would turn out the way it did!

Back to the outfit, I wanted something comfortable and warm since we were doing a lot of walking and checking out furniture and stuff so I went for some easy going jeans and a good knit. The coat and huge chequered scarf definitely did chic it up a bit ;)

Hopefully I'll be back to normal blogging real soon!

Big kiss, Daphne

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