Just a few days left and christmas is here again. To make these days as fun and relaxed as possible, the key is preperation. I've already started wrapping the gifts I bought for everyone (which always takes up more time than you think, cause you wanna make them as perrrty as you can ;) selected some festive nailpolishes and did most of the shopping for christmas dinner, some things you just can't buy that long in advance but the less you have to do/buy last minute, the better!

This weekend I bought something new to me, Aspen Cider Spices. You can use it to flavour your cupcakes, applepies you name it. The store I bought it in made Apple Cider out of it which is nothing more than 0.7 litres of applejuice, 0.3 litres water and 2 tablespoons of the spices. (add rum if you want to..) We tried out the non alcoholic one and it was sooo delicious and christmassy, I just had to have!

How are you doing on your christmas preperations? Are you a last minute person, or do you try to do things in advance? Let me know!

XXX Daphne

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  1. I actually don't really do anything special for xmas, Im not a very crafty girl myself and my parents already had the tree prepared when I got here... But I always leave the presents for last minute because I never know what they want to get haha


  2. Nice babe, mooie foto's!
    Waar heb je die Aspen Cider Spices gekocht? Klinkt echt heeerlijk namelijk!
    X, Lucy

  3. @ Lovely by Lucy

    Hey meis, ik heb ze bij Hoeve Hofackers gekocht (interieur winkel in Baarlo) maar ik zag dat ze ze ook via internet verkopen bij http://www.barton-webshop.nl/Aspen-Cider-Spices en http://www.verrassendgoed.nl/winkel/index.php?cPath=92. :)

    Veel liefs, Daphne

  4. Ooh thanks! Wel jammer, ik dacht misschien bij Dille & Kamille ofzo, dan kon ik het nog voor kerst even halen maar denk niet dat als ik online bestel het er voor kerst nog is! Enjoy iig meis :) XX

  5. Mooie foto's :) Lekker in de christmas mood!

  6. i'm all done with wrapping up the gifts..i'm more terrified of preparing the food, that'll be stressful for sure!
    your photos are beautiful :)

  7. @ Cinja

    Thanks sweetie! Just relax and have fun with the cooking part. I'm sure you'll do great and everything will taste delicious! Good luck :)

    xxx Daphne

  8. Leuke foto's!:)

    xx Laura

  9. You gotta love the Holidays!

    Xo, Imke


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