turtleneck sweater + oversized scarf - Zara // denim cutoffs - Levi's // platform heels - Topshop 
watch - Michael Kors

I know I know I know... Just when I had decided to keep these awesome babies (YES they are, I'm not denying because they truly are!) I had a rational moment and asked myself, how many times am I actually gonna be able to wear these? I did some math and they're not worth the costs per wear so they're going back to England. I'm a little sad since they already picked up a tiny space in my heart, but it's the right thing to do. And that's that.

Never the less I felt I owed you at least one outfit with them since you all commented and helped me out with my yes and no'ing this week. (thanks so much for that by the way!!) So here they are, the one and only time shown on this blog. The Argue platform heels.

Also I wanted to say a HUGE warm welcome to my new followers who have been leaving me the sweetest and nicest comments, I truly love them all! And ofcourse a big KISS to everyone who has been following me for a longer time, it means the world..

XXX Daphne

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  1. They would make a wonderful Xmas present... if you know what I mean hihi ;)
    Good that you bring them back if they're not worth it babe!
    Have a nice friiiday!!

  2. OH NOOO dont sent them back!! i saw your post on lookbook and i was like " damn this girl with those shoes!". These are keepers ;) because they have this burberry touch on them but still they are unique and dont look like a copy.
    Your outfit today is amazing:)


  3. Those heeels! love 'em:)
    xo kimberley | http://www.kimberleyschouten.com

  4. Oh noooooo, they look great on you Daphne...keep them!!! =)♥

  5. ik vind t goed dat je ze terug doet. je kan anders blijven kopen joh. lekker je geld weer terug!


  6. Love this outfit!! Staat je mooi, en goede zet dat je die platform heels toch gehouden hebt :) zijn echt super!!

  7. UHHHH I love your michael kors watch and I think this is the same which I will get on christmas from my parents!! Can´t wait =)=) Love, J. from Germany.


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