• Having some tiny cheeseburgers for dinner the other night. They are so cute and very tasty as well! Thinking about adding them to my christmas menu that I'm already puzzling over in my head..
  • This weekend we celebrated 'Sinterklaas' with my family over at my parents house and every year my mom makes a board game with all types of 'Sinterklaas' related things in it which is so much fun :)
  • Some different types of cheese and veggies to nibble on while winning the game! (okay, Pieter won 3 times but hey, who's counting :P)
  • Last year's Asos heels I'm actually re-discovering, they're coming up in an outfitpost the beginning of this week.
  • The Banoffee cake I made last wednesday. This is kind of a strange thing, since it's a cake made with a whipped cream/toffee topping and I am NOT a whipped cream cake kinda girl, unless on some hot chocolate when really cold outside ofcourse! But I was so much drawn towards the recipe (here) I went ahead and made it anyway, think my friends didn't mind that I did :) Did like the cake though, so might make it without or with a different topping next time..
  • Bought this book last thursday when I was doing some shopping while waiting for the bf to get tattooed again. (wooot! It's my turn next..) Ever since I was little I have been a huge music fan and Queen was something played very often at my house. Now twenty something years later I still love their music and am fascinated about Freddie Mercury as a person and artist. Only at page 8 right now so I'll let ya know. 

Let me know how your weekend was and if you also celebrated Sinterklaas yet!

XXX Daphne

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  1. I love your Sunday Selects girl! It always make me want more and more yummy things!!!

    Have a nice eveninggg :)


  2. wat ziet dat er weer lekker en gezellig uit!

  3. All these delicious photos of food, made me hungry :DDD
    Last picture of you is really sweet :)

  4. Oeh die cheeseburgertjes stond ik ook nog mee in m'n handen bij AH maar wist niet of ze lekker waren!
    En die laarsjes moet je echt weer vaker gaan dragen, anders moet je ze aan mij geven ;)
    Hoop je snel weer eens te zien meis!

  5. ooomph you always make me hungry with those posts! how do you make those small cheeseburgers?

  6. @ Cinja

    I didn't made these myself sweetie, I bought them in a store. I did make some a year ago, might have to do a recipe post on that one sometime.

    @ LovelyByLucy

    Hey meis, Pieter kwam er mee thuis dus vandaar dat we ze geprobeerd hadden. Wij hebben geen magnetron dus hebben ze in de oven gedaan wat ze denk ik ook echt lekkerder hebben gemaakt. Veel smaak en ze zien er super schattig uit! Laat me weten als je ze probeert :)

    xxx Daphne


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