Hi everybody. A little bit of a different SUNDAY SELECT this week. I actually had some really nice and festive photos planned to show you but things all turned out different yesterday..

We had a day full of home-related-shopping, one of our best friends, Pieter and I went to a gorgeous interior decorating / furniture store and a diy store that sells almost everything! When we got in the car to drive back home and were 5 minutes on the freeway, all of a sudden a traffic jam appeared and we had to stop. Only a few seconds later, a car drove in to the back of ours going over a 100km/hour. Because of the crash we got pushed away for about 20mtrs but seemed like forever..

Our car is completely wrecked and cannot be fixed, the back half of it got pushed over the front half. Sounds weird and even telling you about it feels surreal! I keep hearing the sound of the metals crashing together and remember suddenly feeling a lot of pain and crying. Even though this was a horrible experience, we are so lucky that no one got seriously injured! We must have had more than one angel looking over our shoulders that day. I'm truly thankful.   

Lots of love, Daphne  

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  1. wow!!! How lucky that nothing happened to you! I know exactly what you mean, I had an accident like that, only in my case the other car was driving bit slower.
    I'm happy you're both all right!!

  2. Wat een nachtmerrie zeg, gelukkig maar dat er geen gewonden waren!

  3. So good to hear you are fine, sorry about the bad experience and hope things get back to normal soon.
    All the best,

  4. zo erg om te horen :( maar inderdaad, fijn dat jullie zoveel geluk hebben gehad! ik hoop dat je er verder niet te veel gedoe van hebt, en het gauw achter je kunt laten. wel balen van de auto natuurlijk!

  5. Holy crap Daf... I am happy that none of you guys got hurt!!! Of course the car is crashed and sucks but most important is that you got home safe after all!! Sterkte meis!! <3

  6. Echt vreselijk, zo'n geluk dat jullie niets hebben!
    Veel sterkte nog meis!

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  8. Wat erg! Fijn om te horen dat je niks mankeert.
    Sterkte meis, en doe rustig aan!



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