Just wanted to show you what I got for christmas, thank you sooo much to my sweet boyfriend and family for all the nice presents. *big kiss*

What's on the table :

  • Cooking book with all types of delicous recipes for sweet & savory cupcakes
  • Cupcake decorations and frosting
  • Since we've wanted a puppy for aaaages and as soon as we're settled in our new home we're definitely getting one, so Pieter got me a book with tons of cute pictures of doggies and information about the different breeds. We do have to get one that will be super nice to our bunny ofcourse!
  • 2 new games for our Wii, Just Dance 3 (yeahhh, getting my groove on in the living room *with the curtains closed* ;) and one with all types of boardgames like Cluedo, Twister etc. which is gonna be perfect for a night in with friends.
  • A golden 'beep-egg'. Which is a gadget you put in the water with your eggs and it sings you different songs for soft/medium/and hard boiled eggs, so you'll always get a perfect egg :)
  • Burburry The Beat perfume, love this one!
  • A home perfume in a delicious winter scent.
  • And last but not least my new cap. 2 reasons why I love this so much, first because it's burgundy and as I expressed many times before, I love me some good ol' burgundy! And the second one is because it says Truck Brand, and I'm guessing not a lot of you now this and might not even have thought this about me, but I am a licensed forklift truck driving girl, hell yeahhh. But most of all I love this cap cause I think it looks bitching in all it's ways :D

What did you get for christmas and which one is your favourite present?

Lots of love and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Superleuke cadeautjes, die pet staat je denk ik heel leuk!
    Mijn cadeautje had ik al, die Isabel Marant laarzen (al heb ik zelf wel bijbetaald), en de kerstpakketten van mn ouders hihi.
    X, Lucy

  2. I think Santa got it all right with you this year :p the cupcakes book and decorations are sthg only you could get hihi And I had no idea you could drive a truck, you're badasssss girl :p
    I got running shoes and an anticellulite massage machine and so far loving it hihi

  3. Super leuke gifts :) Vindt die pet echt mooi!!

    Ik heb zelf vooral veel 'handige' cadeaus gehad voor in mn huisje in Amsterdam, hardstikke blij mee wel, maar niet erg spectaculair! Leukste is waarschijnlijk een staafmixer zodat ik lekker soep kan maken thuis hahah :P ;)


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