Ofcourse I had to do some baking this last week (when I get stressed, I BAKE :) Half of the time I don't even bother eating it (which my boyfriend and close friends don't mind at-all ) but the mixing and chopping, watching it rise in the oven, has a real soothing and calming thing to it.

So with all the 'this-is-the-last-week-we're-living-in-our-old-home' stress (I get sentimental with change, and moving is a big change I tall ya!) I tried out to make Blondies, which is Brownies but with white chocolate. I used this recipe and added some chopped up dark chocolate and pecan nutts. It turned out to be more cake like and not the chewy 'brownie' like structure I was hoping for. It was nice, but it was no Blondie! So if you have a good Blondie recipe that has that chewy rich taste to PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to share it with me :)


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  1. Yumms, I love baking to relax. Are you moving tomorrow? My boyfriend and I are moving tomorrow, and I understand when you say it's stressful. Even if we moved from Italy to Holland 4 weeks ago and stayed at my brother's ever since.. I am sooo happy that we'll have our own place now. I hope so are you!!

  2. Mmm ziet er heerlijk uit! Heb je nog over?;)

    xx Laura

  3. Maybe it's not a true blondie, but that dough looks freakin' amazing!

    XO Aline


  4. aah ziet er heerlijk uit <3! ik mag dit soort dingen helaas niet eten nu, waardoor het maken ook minder lekker word, maar ik heb hetzelfde met bakken hoor... heerlijk ontspannend! veel succes met verhuizen nog!

  5. nhamiii what an amazing idea! :)


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