• Feeling silly the last evening in our old house after a whole day of packing and moving, more packing and a whole lot more moving.
  • This Friday we went shopping for bathroom tiles and as we stepped out of the car in front of the store, there was a little pond with these gorgeous black swans right across from it. Couldn't resist and take a few pictures, I mean look at those curly feathers and shiny black coat. Beautiful!
  • Mozzerella, red onion and tomato pizza. YUMMM :)
  • Pieter through our new stairs.

How was your weekend guys? Mine was filled with moving all our stuff from our old home, to our new home and a lot of stuff to my parents' house where we're staying at the moment untill our new house is ready for decorating ;) (yup, still loooaaads that needs to be done..) Feels kinda strange being back at my parents after 5 years, but it's only for about 5 weeks and is actually a lot more fun without the rules and regulations hihi..

Tomorrow we're having a night off from all the home improvement + diy'ing, we have tickets for the theatre. Cabaret and music for the night and being able to wear my normal clothes again (the ones I actually DO MIND getting paint stains on ;) sounds reaalll gooood at the moment!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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  1. we renoveren een huis en moesten in oktober ook terug naar mijn ouders gaan wonen, wegens geen verwarming meer. niet zo fijn, maar uiteindelijk viel het best mee. we zijn twee weken geleden terug verhuisd naar ons huis. niet de beste keus, aangezien ze de verkeerde verwarming hebben geleverd en nu nog steeds wat in de kou zitten. maar ahhhh lang leve je eigen huis.
    hopelijk loopt alles volgens plan bij jullie.
    veel geluk!


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