• Greek yoghurt, pear, pecan nuts and honey. Delicious!
  • The beautiful orchid we got from the building company and was there when we first entered our home this last friday.
  • Also one of our friends drove by eeeeaarly that morning to drop a very sweet card in our mailbox. Such a nice surprise!!
  • Treating myself to something yummm after a hard day of work.
  • I've been having a very soar throat these past few days and nothing is as nice as a cup of hot green tea with some honey in it to sooth it all.
  • Boxes boxes and more boxes.... As I'm typing this blogpost I should actually be packing all of our stuff in boxes but no matter how much I pack, it still feels like I'm not even halfway there. I'd better get on it again :)  

Let me know how your weekend has been and what you've been up to.


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  1. veel succes! wel fijn dat jullie er eindelijk in kunnen!

  2. progress, progress! good luck with all your moving and stuff


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