sweater - H&M Men // skirt + scarf - Zara // heels - Asos // tights - H&M // leather gloves - HEMA

Hi guys! Let me start by explaining the "car skirt" which I think is pretty much self -explanatory, but the reason why it is wrinkled is because I had been sitting in the car for a while before making these photo's. Doesn't look that great on the pics, but then again.. definitely not the end of the world ;)

I have been running around for these past couple of weeks taking care of everything for the new house, working 32 hours a week and using up all my spare time diy'ing and helping out till late in the evening in our new place and it has kinda taken it's toll. Wasn't feeling very well to begin with, but all the stressing out and current flu didn't help. Hopefully I'll be back to my normal regime asap as there is still a lot that needs to be done!

Talk to you soon sweeties :)


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