No regular Sunday Select this week, actually... no regular blogging this week as well. Our house is in the final stage of being ready so LOADS of things that have to be done but it's almost finished yaaaayyyy :D

Thought I'd share these pics with you quickly as I'm about to go to work in a few minutes. New doorhandles for the hall closet, lamp in the hallway upstairs, our bathroom is finally getting there ;) and some beautiful evening sunlight in our soon to be bedroom. AND this adorable bracelet I got from Debbie from Stylofax, thanks girlll!!

Also, our bunny is really sick and scared the hell out of us this monday, when I came home his head was all tilted and his eye was doing a twitchy thing (really scary!) Me being an overprotective bunnny-mom went to the vet right away and found out he has a parasite but we've cought it in an early stage so the medicines can do their job and hopefully he will be back to his old funny little cute self in about four weeks. I love you buns! Please hang in there..

Talk to you soon! Lots of love, Daphne

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  1. Really nice photos!


  2. jezus wat een geile douche. zou bij mij wel alles zeiknat worden...de badkamer dan he. maar wat mooi!
    volgens mij hebben jullie best veel stijlen door het hele huis. benieuwd naar de slaapkamer ook. gewoon naar alles haha. succes nog verder jullie met klussen! eind en begin komt in steeds meer in zicht :)

    Liefs Xaaf

  3. Die laatste foto is echt te cute!! Succes met klussen verder :)

  4. Geen dank:-)! Enne suc6 met de laatste loodjes!! (die wegen zwaar kan ik zeggen uit ervaring, maar het is het allemaal waard)


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