• One of my girlfriends came over this week to have a cup of tea and catch up when she was wearing these boots and I absolutely loved them! Sweet as she is, she went and got them for me as well (thanks a lot sweetie!! :) Can you believe they were only €15 ?! They're my new go-to pair of shoes and sooooo comfortable.
  • Going back to Ikea for the third time a veeery short period of time and also bought clothe hangers for the third time.. turns out we had more pants/tops/sweaters/etc. then we thought..
  • What our bathroom looked like again this week.. it's never a nice thing when you have to break things up again, but ít's almost fixed as we're speaking now thanks to my super handy dad & boyfriend!
  • Film night indoors with my boyfriend, had to have a big bowl of popcorn for sure :)
  • These floral H&M pants are hanging in my closet for a couple of weeks now (for as long as we had the new closet that is ;) but haven't been able to wear it since. Must change this real soon!
  • Our bathroom was still a bit empty and lacked some personal touch but today we came across some very cool letters made from recycled wood. I know it says 'bad' in English, but it's the dutch word for 'Bath' as it is our bathroom hihi..
  • And last but not least today was Queensday here in holland and it's kind of a tradition to eat an orange millefeuille, so we did :)


PS. let me know what you did this last week?


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  1. Wat een leuke laarsjes! Ik las bad inderdaad op z'n Engels en dacht echt even van.. waar heeft ze die nu opgehangen :P ?! Haha, maar echt leuk in de badkamer ja! Moeten snel wat afspreken!


  2. Drukke week! Ben zooo benieuwd naar je nieuwe huisje!

  3. Leuke foto's! En tompouce .. ik wil 'm opeten!


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