Sweet warm summer fruit with buttery crumbles on top. It was the perfect dessert for when my cousin and her boyfriend came over last week. It was a hot day and finished up beautifully after a light couscous salad with some smoked chicken, red onion and feta cheese (will do a recipe post for you on that one, it's one of my favourite summer dishes!)

Like a lot of recipes I share with you, this also is a quick & easy one so ideal for when you're having friends/family over and you don't wanna stand in the kitchen too long.


1 large (or 2 small) apples
a good handfull of raspberries
another good handfull of blackberries
60 gram of cold butter (the colder the better, not frozen though..)
90 grams of flour
4 tablespoons of sugar (I used homemade vanilla sugar, but regular table sugar is perfect as well)
2 tablespoons of oatmeal
1 lemon/lime/orange (depending on your taste and what you still have lying around :)

  1. Preheat the oven to 190C. Peel the apple, take the core out and slice it in to small pieces. Now wash your blackberries and raspberries, and mix them with 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  2. Grate your lemon/lime/orange and add the zest to the fruit mixture.
  3. Cut the cold butter in to cubes and mix it together with the flour using your hands until it becomes crumbs. Add the other 2 tablespoons of sugar, and the oatmeal and keep on making crumbs.
  4. Put the fruit mixture in an oven dish (or several small ones, making 1 for each person) and top it off with the butter/flour crumbs. Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes or untill golden brown and you're done!
  5. Serve it with some whipped cream, vanilla icecream or just enjoy it as it is.. :)


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dress - H&M // leather belt - Zara // burgundy backpack & butterfly slippers - Asos
hat - borrowed from Pieter // nude bra with lace trim - H&M

Oh my, the weather has been SOOO GOOD these past few days! Turned my head in to full on summer mood. This dress isn't something I normally would've picked out but for some reason I clicked it home a few months ago and I am glad I did! It's the perfect loose, flowy, girly (but not to) dress for a hot spring day.

Have a beautiful day sweeties!


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  • I told you guys when I made these lemon/mint icecubes, the original way I saw it was with raspberries. So I picked some up from the store this week, made them in to icecubes and had some delicious raspberry flavoured water for a hot afternoon.
  • Making outfit shots of my fellow blogger (and not to mention veeerrrry sweet cousin :) Lianne. These are some detail shots of her new gorgeous buttoned up sleeveless shirt.
  • Woooot, my new loafer/slippers have arrived! Super happy with them, they're extremely comfortable and not to mention perrrty perrrty.
  • Our bunny enjoying a warm breeze on top of our car. (sorry for always putting you through these type of things buns ;)
  • New silver teaspoons with a cute little teapot on top, gifted by the boy <3
  • Laughing and giggling almost non-stop while making outfitshots with Lianne, always so much fun!

Have a great week sweeties!


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tee- H&M // skirt + heels - Zara // watch - Michael Kors // spiked bracelet - Asos

Bare legged for the first time and boy it showss.... If my legs were any whiter I swear you could see me in the dark! Thankfully I tan quite easy but until then me and the world will just have to do with these glow-in-the-dark-leggies.



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Since about a year or so, we have a cooking channel over here in Holland and I gotta say I'M HOOKED! There's just something so calming about watching people cook & bake, it's almost tranquil.. (okay getting carried away here, sorry about that ;) What I was saying is that it also gives me a lot of inspiration to try out new things I've never thought of before, but also to try out the most simple things like these butter cookies a.k.a.,  Shortbread cookies.

Since this is such an easy recipe, with very little ingredients I thought I'd take you through it step by step with these pictures. (you can check out the original recipe from 24 kitchen right here!)

What you'll need :

  • 150 grams of butter ( I always use diet/light butter for all my recipes, but for this one it is worth going for a nice rich type of butter)
  • 100 grams of suger (plust some extra for topping)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 250 grams of flower
  • 1 egg

  • I love to weigh and measure all my ingredients up front, I know.. it makes a lot of extra dishes BUT it makes the baking itself so much more relaxed!

  • Mix in the butter with the flower, sugar and a pinch of salt using your hands and knuckles to make it in to a dough.

  • Wrap your new made dough 'burger' in some plastic foil and refrigerate for about an hour. A burger shape cools better then a ball plus sounds cooler to say ;)

  • Dust the surface with some flour and roll out the dough till it's about 4mm thick.

  • Cut out the cookies using a metal ring, glass or just a knife.

  • Since the cookies are very fragile at this state, you might wanna use a knife or spatula to transfer them on to your baking sheet. (lined with parchment paper so they come of easy breezy later on!)

  • To make them look all pretty, carefully cut some diamond shapes in the dough making sure you don't go all the way through.

  • Beat up the egg a bit and brush the cookies lightly with it.

  • Now sprinkle some sugar over the cookies, be as generous as you like. Bake them in a preheated oven at 190C for about 20 minutes (or untill light golden) and youre delicous home made shorbread biscuits are done!

They are absolutely perfect for an afternoon of tea with girlfriends, a stack of magazines or in my case watching the cooking channel again, but this time with my freshly baked biscuits and a cup of cinnamon tea.


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denim patchwork blouse - Asos // wide legged pants - Zara // ballet flats - random // sunglasses - RayBan

Absolutely in love with my new patchwork shirt! The tricolor denim is just plain gorgeous and I fel in love with it as soon as I saw it online and even more so when I unwrapped it last week. Haven't figured out how to combine it otherwise then an entire blue outfit which is something I love at the moment, but I'm sure this piece will get it's deserved space here on the blog!


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  • Made a surprise cheesecake with cherry topping for the boy this last Saturday.
  • Spring is finally here! It has taken it's time to get here, but there's flowers in all the colors you can imagine everywhere and FINALLY I was able to go bare legged again today. O yeah, and let's not forget with open toe sandals, yes please :)
  • This might be a silly picture in this weeks Sunday Select, but for ages I've wanted a good quality wooden chopping board. We've had tons of plastic ones that never lasted any longer then a year and for the past couple of months we had a glass one which DID NOT do my kitchen knives any good.. So last friday the boy got me a proper Butler chopping board, thanks babe!!
  • Ordered these leather babies from Topshop, can't wait for them to arrive!
  • Water melon & raspberries as a side dish for a spring/summery evening meal. Who says you can't have fruit for dinner right?


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