• How cute are these paper straws? I follow a lot of American blogs and have seen these cuties come a long several times. It took some time to find them, but I'm sooo glad I finally have these cute colored straws to play around with. (ps. the boy DID NOT get my childish joy about these striped paper things, but thought it was cute anyway ;)
  • Made my own pasta sauce last week and it was delicious! So easy to make but so much more flavour and let's not forget vitamins as well, gonna do this way more often from now on.
  • While I was doing the dishes the other week and putting away all the clean dishes, glasses and bowls, ZoefZoef was playing around indoors (as he does since he's our indoor bunny :) All of a sudden I couldn't see him anywhere and checked out his usual hiding places but no bunny to be found.... then, out of the blue a tiny little bunny head popped out our towel cupboard. The cheeky little rascal!
  • Made shortbread cookies the other day, recipe coming real soon and they're ridiculously easy to make so check back later this week for that. Also I couldn't resist and made a special "D hearts P" cookie for my boy <3
  • New armcandy, spiked black bracelet from Asos.
  •  A few months ago I promised you guys to put up a photo of my new tattoo, but never did (shame on me!) So here it is, my latest but not even close to last tatt :)


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  1. Jouw tattoo is echt prachtig (:

  2. Een fijne week, zo te zien!

    Mooie tattoo! Deed het pijn? Ik wil er ook 1 maar weet nog niet wat en waar.
    Maar prachtig!


  3. love the bunny and the tattoo! ik heb er binnenkort ook één (de tattoo, not the bunny)

  4. Je tattoo is echt prachtig! Normaal hou ik echt niet van tattoos op een bovenarm, maar deze is echt heel mooi! Subtiel maar ook krachtig tegelijk! Makes we wanna have one too ;)

  5. Je tattoo is echt heel erg mooi! Waar heb je de rietjes gevonden als ik vragen mag:)!?

  6. Dit had ik even gemist.. maar wist niet dat je een nieuwe tattoo had maar wat een FANTASTISCHE tattoo! Wow!


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