• Made a surprise cheesecake with cherry topping for the boy this last Saturday.
  • Spring is finally here! It has taken it's time to get here, but there's flowers in all the colors you can imagine everywhere and FINALLY I was able to go bare legged again today. O yeah, and let's not forget with open toe sandals, yes please :)
  • This might be a silly picture in this weeks Sunday Select, but for ages I've wanted a good quality wooden chopping board. We've had tons of plastic ones that never lasted any longer then a year and for the past couple of months we had a glass one which DID NOT do my kitchen knives any good.. So last friday the boy got me a proper Butler chopping board, thanks babe!!
  • Ordered these leather babies from Topshop, can't wait for them to arrive!
  • Water melon & raspberries as a side dish for a spring/summery evening meal. Who says you can't have fruit for dinner right?


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