furry coat - Topshop // camel dress - Zara // shoes - Converse // necklace - used to be my grandma's

I'm very much inbetween hairstyles at the moment and it drives me craaaazy! My long bob (here) has grown out to a medium long everything in one length sort of style, but I have no idea what I want to do with it, hence the try-out with the 30's finger waves. 

Up till when I was about 19 I always had long hair, varying from just over the shoulders to just above my booty. Then followed a looot of different styles and colors, from dreads to layered hair with bangs, from bright red to beachy blonde and back to my normal color for a while now.

ANYWAYZ.. I had my heart set on long hair again, the feeling of a very long ponytail or the idea of making a fishtail braid to wrap around my head is still very appealing...... BUT (there's always a but!) I find myself checking out shorter hairstyles more often and ever since Mira Duma cut of her long locks in to a bob and then in to a shorter bob, I am extremely torn what to do.

What do you think? A short blunt bob, long layered locks or maybe something inbetween with bangs? Arrghhh! Help me out guys :)


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  1. Kort haar vind ik je erg goed staan, maar het is altijd een lastige beslissing. Heb je het lang, dan wil je het kort en andersom. Haha. Anyway ik vind het beiden erg leuk!


  2. a bob with bangs would surely look great on u! thank u for the comment, the ballerinas didn't have a strap or anything like this.. :)
    xx liza


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