baseball jacket - Carhartt // asymmetric top - Zara // (used to be black ;) skinnies - Topshop // wedge sneakers - eBay (similar ones here)  // clubmaster sunnies - RayBan  
This is what I wore last Sunday for an afternoon of chilling, relaxing and watching a movie with the boy (Hugo by Martin Scorsese, realllly loved it!) Nothing special, just a pair of comfortable skinnies that I'm dying back to black this week since they've gone awfully grey.... and my boyfriends baseball jacket that I love stealing every once in a while ;) Sorry boo!

One more day of work this week and then it's back to gardening/digging/staining our fence and a whole lot more. It's a lot of work which we don't always feel like doing after a full day of work, but doing it together with all the neighbours and having drinks afterwords make up for a lot of it! hihi..

Have a great day sweeties!!



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  • Chocolate cake and strawberries I made for dessert earlier this week. I have never had a chocolate cake that tasted so light and fluffy but with a deep chocolate flavour to it at the same time, and can you believe it was from a store bought mixture?!
  • Some neon jewellery DIY I've been keeping myself busy week the past few days ;)
  • Fresh basil in the kitchen for a lasagna salad I have planned for tomorrow. I'm gonna let you know how that turnes out!
  • FI-NA-LLYYY we've started on our garden, we choose the small one in front of our house to start with and even though it doesn't seem like a very drastic or special change, I am SO HAPPY with our new hedge. (now all we have to do is, well... everything else! hihi..)
  • This might look and sound a bit weird, but watermelon & feta cheese are some goooood friends! When I was waiting for Pieter to get tattooed again this last Wednesday, I was talking to a guy about all sorts of things including food. Since he is Greek he told me that the two of them are an amazing combination and I should definitely try it out, so I did and let me tell ya : it. is. GOOD.
  • Another DIY project from last week, mannn I'm on fire, lol. I took my vintage Levi's cutoffs and bleeched the bottom part of them. Love the way they turned out and am already thinking that after a few wears like this, I'm gonna bleach them to all white and distress them even a little more. What can I say, it keeps me busy ;)

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Summer is officially here and even though it's raining cats & dogs out here, I wanted to do something that gave me that sun on your skin, late night BBQ, barefoot in the sand full on summer feeling. Now what better way to do that than making popsicles right :)

All I did was make my favourite lemonade (tropical flavour, yumm!) a little bit stronger then I would normally do, add some chopped up mint and poured that in to the popsicle molds. Then added some water melon cut in to cubes and putted them in the freezer for little over an hour.

It can rain whatever it wants outside, but I'm indoors celebrating summer with my summer-popsicles!



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I CANNOT believe How I missed out on this one.. ofcourse I was well aware of the Zara online clothing shop (as is the delivery man coming here every few weeks ;) but never had I thought that the Home section would have it's own online shop! When Zara first started shipping to the Netherlands a while ago I checked out the online shop for the Home products but couldn't find them and just assumed they didn't sell them online (stupid, STUPID ME!)

But now, and god nows for how long they've been selling this online, that I found this out I went crazy and made a 'little' shopping list for you guys and I'm hoping you love it just as much as I do! My first order is already on it's way...

  1. Union jack photo frame
  2. Vanilla fragranced handsoap
  3. Plexiglass bar tray
  4. Chrome and glass photo frames
  5. Goldtone hammered napkin rings
  6. Sand colored pillow with pink accent
  7. Wooden 'jewellery' box
  8. Metal goldtone knob
  9. Glass jar
  10. Sugar pot with metal spoon
  11. Magnifying glass
  12. Lace trimmed slippers
  13. Dark amber scented candle


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grey knit - used to be Pieter's // floral pants - H&M similar ones here (last seen here) // heels - Zara 
baseball cap - Converse similar one here (borrowed from the bf) // bracelets - COS + H&M

I am so glad I didn't gave up on these pants! When I was going through my closet a couple of weeks ago I wasn't sure whether to keep them or not.. Only took them out once and wasn't too thrilled back then but boy has that turned around, actually wore them 2 days in a row this weekend. Yes I recycle my outfits, I just change the shoes or top and go for different arm candy but let's face it.. who doesn't? ;)

PS. the second we got out of the car to make these pictures it started to rain, but we went ahead and tried to make the best of it. Looking at them now I gotta say, I really like the 'rain effect' it has on the pics so guess it worked out great anywayz!

Have a great day sweeties and talk to you soon!


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  • Made these banoffee milkshakes for my boyfriend this week. He got his wisdom teeth taken out and was on nothing but fluids for the day and what better treat than a delicious banana and caramel milkshake :)
  • I'm feeling very DIY-ish this week, so I got out and bought myself some neon colored thread, a galvanised chain and some carabiner hooks. Have no idea what I'm exactly gonna do with it, but I'm thinking something in the lines of bracelets since I'm in serious need of more arm candy! (but then again, who isnt.. )
  • Couldn't resist buying these adorable pink polkadot mugs and limegreen little bowls, I have a serious tableware addiction!
  • WOOOT! Finally our coffee table is back again and here to stay. It's such a nice feeling that all our furniture is slowly coming together and make this house feel like a home.
  • Late night snack for me and the boy. Watermelon is the best!
  • As I said earlier, I'm all about DIY'ing this week and I love how these trashed denim shorts turned out! Saw a lot of them all over the blogosphere and decided to try it out for myself, really didn't expected it to be so easy and I can't wait for the sun to pop back out again so I can take these babies out.
  • We also did some interiour shopping and came home with our initials made out of wood and painted white for a fun little accent in our bedroom.
  • Last but not least I made some orange water for tonight, the Dutch soccer team is up to play again and to accompany all the 'orange themed' snacks we have going for this evening I thought a jar with water and orange slices was a cute (and let's not forget tasty!) thing to do ;) Good luck for our Dutch men tonight, although I gotta say I'm kinda rooting for the English team as well so we'll see..... ;))



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photo's via : Cupcakes&Cashmere / The Coveteur / Jak&Jil / Oracle Fox / Weheartit / Fashiongonerogue

  • LOVE popsicles
  • LOVE weddings
  • LOVE summer backyards
  • LOVE (looooove!) tattoos (getting some more work done in the next couple of weeks woooot :))
  • LOVE those gorgeous yellow drapes, would have never thought about it but I am right now!
  • LOVE a good backpack on a guy
  • and most of all I LOVE the positive feeling in all these pictures <3

Have a great day sweeties!!

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  • How cute are these miniature Oreo's? I actually bought them to decorate some cupcakes with but thought they'd do great with an afternoon cup of tea as well.
  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara that I bought last weekend. I actually have a favourite mascara that I never part from (see here) but since I'm really starting to love all things MAC I thought I'd give their mascara a try instead of buying my good ol' Lancôme Hypnôse this time. Even though I was really surprised it looked full and really gave volume from the first time on (usually the first couple times I use a mascara it feels too 'fresh' and gets better once the bottle has been opened a few times and used. It sounds weird, I know..;) ANYWAY.., sunday evening we were watching a movie and as always I cried in the end (don't judge) and my mascara was down to my cheekbones. Major plus on the Lancôme one, even though it isn't waterproof it has NEVER run out and this one starts going with even the thought of a tear or raindrop. Sorry MAC, but you haven't won me over mascara-wise..
  • Brownie bars chopped in to bitesize pieces for snacking with the boy. (not to be eaten all at once please!)
  • Pieter's new shades. We both have a love for RayBan sunglasses and treated ourself to some new ones. He got some polarized folding Wayfarers and look at the übercool black case it came in!
  • I got some black Clubmasters with golden accents and love that they're so different from my other RayBans. (I have a tendency to buy things that are very similar, but just a liiitttle bit different to end up using/wearing only one of them so I'm very happy I went for something totally different this time :)
  • And last my new bikini, can't wait for the sun to come back out again and take this baby out for a swim!

Once again I'm behind on posting and as you could read in the previous post we're still extremely busy so it will be a couple of weeks till I'm back to everyday blogging. Sorry guys! You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more frequent updates :)


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