I CANNOT believe How I missed out on this one.. ofcourse I was well aware of the Zara online clothing shop (as is the delivery man coming here every few weeks ;) but never had I thought that the Home section would have it's own online shop! When Zara first started shipping to the Netherlands a while ago I checked out the online shop for the Home products but couldn't find them and just assumed they didn't sell them online (stupid, STUPID ME!)

But now, and god nows for how long they've been selling this online, that I found this out I went crazy and made a 'little' shopping list for you guys and I'm hoping you love it just as much as I do! My first order is already on it's way...

  1. Union jack photo frame
  2. Vanilla fragranced handsoap
  3. Plexiglass bar tray
  4. Chrome and glass photo frames
  5. Goldtone hammered napkin rings
  6. Sand colored pillow with pink accent
  7. Wooden 'jewellery' box
  8. Metal goldtone knob
  9. Glass jar
  10. Sugar pot with metal spoon
  11. Magnifying glass
  12. Lace trimmed slippers
  13. Dark amber scented candle


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  1. Het blijft leuk om inkopen te doen voor in huis!

  2. I want 6th and 12th one. These are awesome in looks. Online deals are always a good place to purchase something in budget.


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