• How cute are these miniature Oreo's? I actually bought them to decorate some cupcakes with but thought they'd do great with an afternoon cup of tea as well.
  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara that I bought last weekend. I actually have a favourite mascara that I never part from (see here) but since I'm really starting to love all things MAC I thought I'd give their mascara a try instead of buying my good ol' Lancôme Hypnôse this time. Even though I was really surprised it looked full and really gave volume from the first time on (usually the first couple times I use a mascara it feels too 'fresh' and gets better once the bottle has been opened a few times and used. It sounds weird, I know..;) ANYWAY.., sunday evening we were watching a movie and as always I cried in the end (don't judge) and my mascara was down to my cheekbones. Major plus on the Lancôme one, even though it isn't waterproof it has NEVER run out and this one starts going with even the thought of a tear or raindrop. Sorry MAC, but you haven't won me over mascara-wise..
  • Brownie bars chopped in to bitesize pieces for snacking with the boy. (not to be eaten all at once please!)
  • Pieter's new shades. We both have a love for RayBan sunglasses and treated ourself to some new ones. He got some polarized folding Wayfarers and look at the übercool black case it came in!
  • I got some black Clubmasters with golden accents and love that they're so different from my other RayBans. (I have a tendency to buy things that are very similar, but just a liiitttle bit different to end up using/wearing only one of them so I'm very happy I went for something totally different this time :)
  • And last my new bikini, can't wait for the sun to come back out again and take this baby out for a swim!

Once again I'm behind on posting and as you could read in the previous post we're still extremely busy so it will be a couple of weeks till I'm back to everyday blogging. Sorry guys! You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more frequent updates :)


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  1. Ik vind je posts altijd geweldig! Het maakt eigenlijk niet uit waar ze over gaan, ik vind ze altijd super om te lezen. :) Hihi.


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