• Chocolate cake and strawberries I made for dessert earlier this week. I have never had a chocolate cake that tasted so light and fluffy but with a deep chocolate flavour to it at the same time, and can you believe it was from a store bought mixture?!
  • Some neon jewellery DIY I've been keeping myself busy week the past few days ;)
  • Fresh basil in the kitchen for a lasagna salad I have planned for tomorrow. I'm gonna let you know how that turnes out!
  • FI-NA-LLYYY we've started on our garden, we choose the small one in front of our house to start with and even though it doesn't seem like a very drastic or special change, I am SO HAPPY with our new hedge. (now all we have to do is, well... everything else! hihi..)
  • This might look and sound a bit weird, but watermelon & feta cheese are some goooood friends! When I was waiting for Pieter to get tattooed again this last Wednesday, I was talking to a guy about all sorts of things including food. Since he is Greek he told me that the two of them are an amazing combination and I should definitely try it out, so I did and let me tell ya : it. is. GOOD.
  • Another DIY project from last week, mannn I'm on fire, lol. I took my vintage Levi's cutoffs and bleeched the bottom part of them. Love the way they turned out and am already thinking that after a few wears like this, I'm gonna bleach them to all white and distress them even a little more. What can I say, it keeps me busy ;)

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  1. Leuke sunday select weer! Het lijkt me ook een rare combi, feta en watermeloen, maar misschien wel het proberen waard:) Fijne zonnige nieuwe week!

    1. Ik vond het ook raar klinken in het begin, maar het is echt heel erg lekker :) Zag nu in de Allerhande ook wat receptjes met die combinatie staan, dus er zijn er al meer overtuigd hihi.

      Liefs, Daphne

  2. looovely photos! i love your jewelry diy, i'll try the bleaching thing aaaand that cake..yummy!

  3. Hey meis,
    Wat een mooie foto's weer.
    Super gaaf je DIY jewelry en het gebleekte shortje!!
    Heb je die oorbellen ook zelf gemaakt??
    Tot snel!
    x Lianne


    1. Haaiii meissie!!
      Dankjewel!! De oorbellen had ik al, maar heb ik met Neon nagellak behandeld :) Het shortje vond ik ook echt verrassend goed gelukt, heb ook nog een blouse gebleekt trouwens! Hopelijk tot heel snel weer, veel liefs Daf xx


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