- arm swag - delicious cupcake @ the high tea I surprised my mom with for mothersday - crazy pink lychee drink my boyfriend bought (it had little chunks in it, that's all I'm saying.. ;) - waves for the day - just a daily pic in the mirror above my little make-up table my boyfriend made me <3 - waking up in our amazing new shower, love it!  -  H&M jewellery I picked up this weekend - outfitshot details - took out my orange blazer again that I am planning to dye burgundy for ages now ;) - doing a lot of helping out at our friends' new place - new Topshop leather loafers - me & my younger cousin acting goofy at our uncle's 50 year old birthday party :) -

This is the second edition of my TMIC post (first one here). I have always made a sh*%load of pictures with my phone, but ever since I've had my iPhone it has doubled and every now and then I wanna share some of them with you in these posts. (Don't worry, I'll try to make a somewhat sensible selection for you each time :)


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  1. I just found your blog via Chictopia, and I LOVE it! You have a great style! keep up the awsome work!


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