• Delicious and fruity dessert with raspberry yoghurt, pomegranate and water melon :)
  • This is basically what we have been doing for the past 2 weeks, assembling garden screens screwing all the planks together, staining them and everything else that comes with making a garden fence) This was the first one we've finished so me and my sweet neighbours were very proud of ourselves (us girls can do something to!)
  • Some very well turned out blueberry muffins from earlier this week, they did perfect as a breakfast muffin I might add :)
  • After a hard day of work outdoors there's just something very awesome about making a fire and keeping it going till it's loooong dark.
  • My first Zara Home order arrived yaaaayyy!!! (will show you what I got tomorrow!)
  • I rarely drink alcohol but I kinda love the feeling of drinking beer out of a bottle, haha.. I know it's pretty silly right.. But these non alcoholic rosé beers are delicious if you ask me, and minus the headache the day after ;)
  • We also had a big BBQ this weekend after a long day of work with all our neighbours and my sweet next-next-next-door neighbour made this simple but VERY tasty strawberry/whipped cream/disco topping dessert, yummmm!!!


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  1. i need strawberries and watermelon at the moment!! you made my day!! beautiful pictures!!

  2. Lekkere eetfoto's! Ik hoop dat je tuin snel af is.


  3. je hebt echt zon geweldige blog ik kijk er elke dag op ! ik volg je nu ook via ]ggogle friend connect ik had het al op bloglovin , hahaha zo ben ik er zeker van dat ik niks mis :p wil je me terug volgen xx anouk van www.fashion-budha.com


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