This might be the most personal post I've done up till now here on the blog. Showing you some very, VERY day-to-day-down-to-earth things like :
  • me straight out of bed opening my birthday presents (woot!) yup, this explains the way I lookz
  • doing the dishes the morning of my party because hey, who else is gonna do it ;)
  • the gold LOVE necklace my bf gave to me, along with my new awesome running shoes!!
  • Pieter hiding behind the most prrrty cake server in tha world if I might say so
  • Our backyard is still not finished but that didn't kept up from buying an inflatable swimmingpool and enjoy the hawt weather last weekend!
  • My sweet cousin and her boyfriend came to stay for the weekend and for some reason the boys decided it was fun to splash us with water (A LOT!!) and capture the whole thing by camera, thnx guys ;)
  • and last of all on the night of my party we found a little baby hedgehog and even though you're not supposed to, Pieter couldn't resist and picked it up. It was sooo cute!

I'll be back to normal blogging real soon but for now I really hope you've enjoyed this post!


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I'm just saying... these sneakz got it going awnnn! I didn't order them (yet..) 'cause I'm not completely sure if I would actually wear them that much but damnn they're awesome!!

What do you think?

AGASI Black studded trainers by Topshop

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As you might have noticed throughout the past two years there is a fair amount of Ray Ban going on here on the blog. I am not sure what it is, but they just seem to get it right every time! 

  • The first one I bought was the 4141, I invested a little bit more and got the polarized version (which is absolutely something I would recommend if you're planning on using it a lot for driving!) it takes away the shimmering in glass/car windows/shiny objects etc. and gives you just an overall relaxed feeling looking through them.

  • My second Ray Ban is probably the best known model of them all, the Wayfarer. Checking out Bruno Mars sporting them e-ve-ry-where,I just had to get them ;) It's the slightly tilted frame, the oversized glasses and maybe, just maybe, it's the image of Tom Cruise in Risky Business I mean come on, that's hawt!

  • And my most recent one is the Ray Ban Clubmaster. This is actually a model I DID NOT love at first! Felt it was too thin on the frame and had a funny little 'eyebrow-shaped' thing going on, on top of the glasses. Goes to show these are obviously the two things that attracted me to go out and buy them a couple of weeks ago (what is it with things we are averse to at first but then end up loving them in the end?)

Now it's not all Ray Ban and no love for anything else, I gotta say about a year ago I was seriously doubting getting the Prada Baroque sunnies in smokey grey. They are the ones with the awesome curled legs and big round glasses (felt very Jackie O. trying them on!) More of my favourite sunwear brands that I'm currently eyeballing are Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Chloe, D&G, and Tom Ford. (all of which you can get at Smartbuyglasses)

Speaking of Tom Ford, did you know they also stock an amazing collection of regular eyewear? When I'm working behind the computer, watching a movie or reading a lot, I wear glasses. At the moment I have a pair of no-brand glasses that aren't that bad but I shouldn't have tried those Tom Ford ones on cause I'm sold and am definitely thinking about getting myself some TF spectacles ;) But as far as the sun department goes, it's back to the Ray Bans being on top of my wishlist!


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  • Added some (much needed !) color to my current wardrobe, all things H&M.
  • IN LOVE with my new body mist from the Body Shop, it's such a delicious warm summer evening type of scent mmmm... thankgod it's a body spray so I don't feel so guilty covering myself head 2 toe in this enchanting cloud of fragrance :))
  • Nothing like some well seasoned skin baked (or should I say oven grilled?) potatoes!
  • Finally got my own baseball/varsity jacket. I used to borrow Pieter's every once in a while (here) but having my own makes me actually have two right now ;)
  • Sunday morning brunch on a tray to take outside and have our very first brunch in the garden since they finished the paving last Saturday yaaayyy!!
  • Some of my favourite current arm swag, random friendship bracelets, stackable spikes from Asos, fake leather braided from H&M and tiny heart & chain bracelet from Urban Outfitters I picked up in Antwerp the last time.

Right now I'm gonna pop in the shower and crawl in to bed for hopefully a night of magical healing sleep. I haven't been feeling well all day, woke up real early this morning feeling ill and I'm getting tattooed again tomorrow so let's hope a gooood night sleep will work miracles ;)



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Damnnn, already 6 days gone by without blogging.. (bad blogger badddd ;) Anywayz, I have this XXL version of a TMIC post up for you guys.

It's too much to explain every picture, and A-LOT of them do explain themselves so let me give you an idea of what you're looking at :

- basically this is our holiday in pictures, a lot of homemade food & fresh fruit, working in the garden no matter if it rained or was wayyy too hot, spotting the perfect small-sized-small-priced bag for fall, movienights would be nowhere without popcorn, more than I can count on one hand evenings sitting outside making a fire with our neighbours,  my bf's 27 birthday and a very much fun day of golf with the beautiful Lianne (creativecookieme) & her boyfriend -

Lots of love again,


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loose fitted top with tiny neon spots - COS // grey mini shorts - Adidas (get them here) // high top sneakers - Nike
bright pink bra - H&M // LOVE necklace - Urban Outfitters (you can get them here!)

Something very different from what I usually wear, but also not.. haha do you still follow? I've always luvvvved the whole barelegged high top sneakers look, but never thought I could pull it of being not super skinny and definitely not long!! But somehow with my new kicks I thought I'd give it a go and felt super sporty combining it with my Adidas shorts (also something I picked up in Antwerp.)

As you might've noticed, my left arm is completely covered in plastic wrap. Not very flattering for the pictures but we took these on Wednesday so I still had to keep my freshly tattooed arm wrapped up. (also wore a cardigan that day to keep it out of the sunlight, hoooottt!!! maybe next time I'll wait till summer has ended ;)



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 Nike Blazer Mid (get them here) & Zara black velvet loafers (get them here)

Just a quick post today showing you my two new comfort pairs, yes please! Got the Nike's in Antwerp the other day (check the Antwerp diary here :) and the velvet loafers in Eindhoven this last Tuesday just before getting tattooed again. O how I love petting these velveteen babies, purrrrr.....

Now I'm off for a run and some more work in our garden,
Bye peeps!


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I usually, or at least try to, post my Sunday Select posts every week and if possible on a Sunday (hence the name.. ;) These past couple of weeks they kinda got lost in between working/birthdays/gardening/and a looot of other stuff that I'm making it up with you by doing a double one this time, so here's the one time only Double Edition SUNDAY SELECT :)


  •  New in, and it's already one of those Items I know I'll be buying again as soon as I'm running out! This is Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick in Tropical Pink, how cool that it's semi transparant?! It feels like a lip balm, smells sweet & fruity (without being sticky) and gives a gorgeous stained look on the lip. I picked this up from the drugstore the other day and might get back this week to buy one or two colors more  ;)
  • Freeeedommm!!! Ghehehe..our bunny discovered he can also 'go outside' so we're checking every second where he's at so he's not gonna make a great escape. Would be veeery happy if our garden is done so he can't get out anymore and enjoy a nice summer breeze outside.
  • NO-YES-NO-.....OKAY YES! After doubting if I should get it for a while, I decided to click this Marni for H&M top home from the online sale. Love the look and feel of it but haven't worn it yet.... maybe it's not as easy to combine as I'd hope. What do you think? 
  • The perfect summer night dinner, cheese & cucumber sandwiches with fresh fruit. Delicious!
  • Woooott!!! Everytime we go to Antwerp and visit the Urban Outfitters store I can't help but getting lured towards the Lomography camera's and this time we brought one home! Say hi to our new Diana F+ True Blue. (you can get it here) PS. if you have any tips/trics or suggestions for this baby, don't hesitate to share!! :)
  • Bunny jumping in & out of the wheelbarrow 'helping us out' in the garden. Crazy ZoefZoef haha.
  • Made a fresh jar of lemonade for me & the boy and our hardworking neighbours.
  • I'm willing to help with everything, but I'm letting Pieter handle all things power tool related ;)
  • Got ourselves some new hair supplies, I've talked about Label M before in my BARE ESSENTIALS post right here. They are pricy but I LOVE what they do for my hair! And 1 thing for my boy and 4 for me that's fair right?.. 
  • Blueberry muffins cooling down from the hot oven.
  • Kisses with the bunns <3
  • Don't know if I have mentioned this before here on the blog, but Pieter is a huuuuge Lego fan so I felt there was nothing more I could do than buy this lego-man-shaped-icecube-maker for him.
  • Birthday chocolatechip muffin for my sweet and loving boyfriend. Love youuu! 



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