Damnnn, already 6 days gone by without blogging.. (bad blogger badddd ;) Anywayz, I have this XXL version of a TMIC post up for you guys.

It's too much to explain every picture, and A-LOT of them do explain themselves so let me give you an idea of what you're looking at :

- basically this is our holiday in pictures, a lot of homemade food & fresh fruit, working in the garden no matter if it rained or was wayyy too hot, spotting the perfect small-sized-small-priced bag for fall, movienights would be nowhere without popcorn, more than I can count on one hand evenings sitting outside making a fire with our neighbours,  my bf's 27 birthday and a very much fun day of golf with the beautiful Lianne (creativecookieme) & her boyfriend -

Lots of love again,


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  1. lovely photos!! must be amazing chilling in your own garden :)


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