Tomorrow is Dress Red Day, a day completely dedicated to raise attention for heart deseases since it is still the number one death cause among women. This might look trivial to just pick out a red outfit, but it shows your commitment and in my case gives me a chance to wear my christmas dress out again for a good cause! hihi

So take out that red bracelet, bright red pants or maybe just a little red heel peeking out underneath your jeans to show that you care. My outfit consists of :

DIY trashed denim jacket - Levi's // bright red dress - H&M (last seen here) // wedge sneakers - eBay // armcandy

Now I'm gonna put on my 'these can get dirty and covered in paint' clothes and head of to my cousin to help her with her new home, yay :)


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Lace up rainboots in color Rubino by Ilse Jacobsen via Zalando

Even though I am already the proud owner of 3 pairs of rainboots (how anyone can live without them I'll never know ;) these are nothing like the ones I have and had to be added to my closet asap! I only took them out once since I just got them yesterday, seriously amazing delivery by Zalando on this part I ordered them this Sunday late in the evening and got them yesterday morning, yes please!

But back to the boots, like I've said I only tried them outside once but what I can say so far is that they are super comfortable and feel more like a pair of good sturdy boots rather than flappy rainboots haha you know what I mean ;) (ow, and they don't make your feet go sweaty.. not a very sexy thing to talk about, but yet a very sexy thing keeping them fresh and dry!)

Going off to work till late this evening so leave me comment letting me know what you think about ma new bootz and I've got something to read during break-time :))


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  1. Navy blue winter print knit, Asos
  2. Camel studded western boots, Topshop
  3. Camo printed Eastpak backpack, Travelbags
  4. Real leather burgundy belt with golden accents, Topshop
  5. Ochre 80 denier opaque tights, Topshop
  6. Burgundy peplum jacket, Asos
  7. Ilse Jacobsen lace up rubber wellies, Zalando
  8. Camouflage army jacket, Topshop
  9. Drop crotch tapered Pine pants, Nelly

It's official peeps, summer is over and we'll better start preparing ourselves for winter cause it'll be here before we know it! This week I started wearing my green (winter!) parka again (seen here) and as I'm typing this post it is pouring rain outside.. so yup, summer is gone for sure!!

But hey, it's not all sobbing and sadness here cause this also means a VERY LEGITIMATE REASON to buy new stuff (yes please!) I created a list of the items I so very much desire to add to my closet these next few months. On top of the list are the Ilse Jacobsen boots (7) and the Eastpak camouflage backpack (3).

I'm curious, what are the items you're really desiring for this season?


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  •  I got these new vases and the prettiest looking faux flowers I've ever seen (!) the other week from my favourite store in town and dressed them up a little bit with some printed tape.
  • Remember my Zara Home order here? I was in love with the magnifying glass from the moment I saw it but it took me quite some time to find a good place for it untill it all of a sudden made sense to me to combine it with one of my boyfriends books. He has a thing for all things history related and thought it would be a great fit in our cabinet.
  • Afternoon guilty pleasure, sugar coated peanuts :)
  •  My new addiction, printed tape for all kind of perposes. Everything just looks way more cute using this! From closing a bag of opened sugar to dressing up the vases like in the first picture, I luvvvv it!!!
  • My own take on the julep cup flower arrangement, a fresh hydrangea flower in a metal Ikea flower pot used as a vase.
  • In love with our new H&M pillow cases! (get them here) Before them the couch just felt like this huge flowery object, but now combining it with another print it somehow feels more in balance with everything else.
  • How cool are these vintage bottle openers I picked up the other day?! Never had I thought about it but now I have them I'm slightly obsessed with em ;)

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When we moved into our new home we almost bought everything new, but some accessories made the cut and got carefully packed in a moving box to be taken out again when the whole decorating part began. But after looking at these 'old items' in this new environment for a while I couldn't help feeling like they didn't really belong and needed a make-over!
In our old home we had kind of a romantic/baroque type of vibe going on but for our new home we wanted a more modern kind of feel to it all. A mix between modern clean cut items and cozy country living style touches here & there (like the big ass flower printed couch in the middle of the room ;)
ANYWAY.... I've had these 2 lamps on the side of the tv and the 2 cute birds on the shelve in the kitchen that just didn't agree with me, so what more was there to do for me than paint them gold!
  • First of all, look around your home and try to figure out what colors you like about it and/or what colors would complement your current interior. This is gonna be your guideline for picking out a spraypaint.
  • Yes, step two is picking out a spraypaint! ;) While your at the store, pick up some painters-tape and some scour/sanding type of pads.
  • Now make sure the surface you wanna paint is clean, dust/fat free and if it's metal or wood you might wanna sand it a bit before painting. Also use the painters tape for all things you can't take of easily and do not wanna paint (like the cord on my lamps).
  • For this next step, go outside and cover the floor cause spraypaint can travel around quite a bit.
  • From here on it's all rainbows, lollypops and puppies (yeah that's right!) Spray the paint on whatever you're planning on painting, let it dry and take it back in to your home for a new upgraded look of your old and beloved item. And trust me, it feels great being happy with it again instead of throwing it out and buying something new. Ow yeah, and it saves a lot of money ofcourse ;)

Have fun with it and let me now if you've ever tried something like this!


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Just a quick post showing you my new RayBan Aviator sunnies (courtesy of Smartbuyglasses, thank you so much!). Remember the post I did a while ago about my favourite sunglasses? here. Well these babies were still on my wishlist back then and I'm supa dupa happy I can cross them of! They've gone right up to the top of my favourite list, they're lightweight, do an amazing job at keeping the sunlight away from my eyes and let's not forget they're just iconic all over ;)

Again guys I'm so sorry about the lack of updates here on the blog lately but we've been sooo crazy busy lately and everytime there seems to come an end to it, something new comes along. Right now we're helping my granddad move into his new home which also means cleaning out his old home where he lived for 46 years (you'll not believe the amount of s#*t people can collect over that time!). Thankfully we have a night off tonight and are going to dinner with friends in less then half an hour so I'll better go change!

Bye for now sweeties!!


PS. I've got mine in the smallest version (55mm) with a gold frame and Gold Mirror lenses.

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polkadot light knit, yellow pants and the middle studded bracelet - H&M // white cutout pumps - Zara // green leather bag - Sacha // tiny heart bracelet - Urban Outfitters // studded bracelets - Asos 
Love necklace - Mijnnaamketting
The time when you could get up, pop in the shower put on your bikini & little summer dress and be ready are definitely over! I made these photo's over the weekend and it was wayyy too rainy to go outside and make some shots, so did some quick mirror-pics in our walk-in-closet/dressing-room ;)  
I'm off to work till late this evening, but tomorrow afternoon I took off from work cause I've got some more tattooing going on later that day!
Let me know what you're up to!

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Last weekend we decided it was time for a day off and join my cousin & her boyfriend for a day of rollercoasters, fairytales, sugar treats and shows as we went to the Efteling!

On the pictures :

  • Me & Lianne sharing a delicioussss heart shaped cookie, while the boys went for a Swirl icecream with looots of toppings!
  • Our back-pack-boys. (thanks for carrying all our stuff all day so we could do with just a tiny little shoulderbag for the day :)
  • Turned out there was a Lego competition/display thing going on so we couldn't resist and did the kiddie-pose with Mr.Bear.
  • Yes, my bf loves his Lego. Had to take a picture of his Japanese inspired Lego tattoo with a bunch(!) of Lego in the background while we're there, just had to ;) 
  • One of the rides that gives you a panoramic view, for when you wanna take a break from having your stomach shaked in one of the other rides.
  • Okay, so this is me trying to (not so patiently and quite agressively) open up my lollypop I've just bought.. guess I've never really been the patient type ghihi..
  • Us in the audience, watching the Raveleijn show. Loved it! (though it was better the first time we've seen it..)
  • Dinner time, PANCAKEEESS!!!
  • All that waiting around for the attractions makes you a liiiittle bit goofy ;))
  • The 2 amazing people we've spent that day with, thank you guys so much for such a great day!!!
  • The park was opened till midnight so right before we left, we sat ourselves down on a wall and checked out the jawdropping water/light/fire/ballet/spectacle! Awesome .


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