When we moved into our new home we almost bought everything new, but some accessories made the cut and got carefully packed in a moving box to be taken out again when the whole decorating part began. But after looking at these 'old items' in this new environment for a while I couldn't help feeling like they didn't really belong and needed a make-over!
In our old home we had kind of a romantic/baroque type of vibe going on but for our new home we wanted a more modern kind of feel to it all. A mix between modern clean cut items and cozy country living style touches here & there (like the big ass flower printed couch in the middle of the room ;)
ANYWAY.... I've had these 2 lamps on the side of the tv and the 2 cute birds on the shelve in the kitchen that just didn't agree with me, so what more was there to do for me than paint them gold!
  • First of all, look around your home and try to figure out what colors you like about it and/or what colors would complement your current interior. This is gonna be your guideline for picking out a spraypaint.
  • Yes, step two is picking out a spraypaint! ;) While your at the store, pick up some painters-tape and some scour/sanding type of pads.
  • Now make sure the surface you wanna paint is clean, dust/fat free and if it's metal or wood you might wanna sand it a bit before painting. Also use the painters tape for all things you can't take of easily and do not wanna paint (like the cord on my lamps).
  • For this next step, go outside and cover the floor cause spraypaint can travel around quite a bit.
  • From here on it's all rainbows, lollypops and puppies (yeah that's right!) Spray the paint on whatever you're planning on painting, let it dry and take it back in to your home for a new upgraded look of your old and beloved item. And trust me, it feels great being happy with it again instead of throwing it out and buying something new. Ow yeah, and it saves a lot of money ofcourse ;)

Have fun with it and let me now if you've ever tried something like this!


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  1. what a stunning decoration! amazing!
    2 giveaways on my blog!

  2. Always great ideas! Love this kind of posts! :)) Keep posting!


    1. Thanks so much honey! Thinking about doing more of these :)


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