Last weekend we decided it was time for a day off and join my cousin & her boyfriend for a day of rollercoasters, fairytales, sugar treats and shows as we went to the Efteling!

On the pictures :

  • Me & Lianne sharing a delicioussss heart shaped cookie, while the boys went for a Swirl icecream with looots of toppings!
  • Our back-pack-boys. (thanks for carrying all our stuff all day so we could do with just a tiny little shoulderbag for the day :)
  • Turned out there was a Lego competition/display thing going on so we couldn't resist and did the kiddie-pose with Mr.Bear.
  • Yes, my bf loves his Lego. Had to take a picture of his Japanese inspired Lego tattoo with a bunch(!) of Lego in the background while we're there, just had to ;) 
  • One of the rides that gives you a panoramic view, for when you wanna take a break from having your stomach shaked in one of the other rides.
  • Okay, so this is me trying to (not so patiently and quite agressively) open up my lollypop I've just bought.. guess I've never really been the patient type ghihi..
  • Us in the audience, watching the Raveleijn show. Loved it! (though it was better the first time we've seen it..)
  • Dinner time, PANCAKEEESS!!!
  • All that waiting around for the attractions makes you a liiiittle bit goofy ;))
  • The 2 amazing people we've spent that day with, thank you guys so much for such a great day!!!
  • The park was opened till midnight so right before we left, we sat ourselves down on a wall and checked out the jawdropping water/light/fire/ballet/spectacle! Awesome .


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