•  The first cold days of the season call for hot cocoa with a big dollop of whipped cream, (and some mini-marshmallows thank you ;)
  • New in neon bracelets for arm-swag layering.
  • Since we're still very busy in our garden, there is A LOT of stuff lying around like piles of wood, tools, insolation for the shed etc. But to our bunny it's just one big playground
  • Trying out a new chocolate-chip-cookie recipe
  • Still my favourite tea evah, fresh mint with some good honey. Mmmm.
  • ZoefZoef <3 nbsp="nbsp" strong="strong">
  • Last minute tv-snack idea, strawberries dipped in chocolate (and some in disco-dip for the boy, gotta keep em happy ;)
  • Surprisingly prrrrty undies from H&M, very happy I was able to pick them up from the store as the were almost sold out. (how awesome would these be with a low cut top next spring/summer!)
  • Blueberry cupcakes with fresh blueberry-butter cream frosting for an evening with friends.
  • An outtake from this weeks' outfitpost and as the weather forecast is right now I have a feeling I'll be wearing my knew knitted hat a lot from now on cause it's gonna be COLLLLLD!!

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks' diary post!

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  1. Love your photos! They all make me love fall even more! I immediately get the urge to get myself a big cup of hot chocolate and a little bunny as well ;)

    Have a lovely day!

    x Sari

    1. Hihihi Sari :) I can definitely recommend a nice big cup of hot chocolate with these days, and having a nice fluffy bunny to cuddle with makes it even better!

      Love, Daphne


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