• Loving my new dalmatian print blouse from H&M, I mean dalmatian.. who would've known?
  • A tiny little bluetit snacking from the buffet we displayed for the birds during this cold winter.
  • Okay, so I was too curious to wait an appropriate amount of time before making another batch of these delicious fudge treats. And YES, they do also work with white and milk chocolate :)
  • A cold cold cold little snap in the snow from this weekend *wink*.
  • Instead of sitting at a nicely set table for a weekend brunch we did it 'comfortable style' and sat in front of the tv, drank our milk & tea, ate crackers and watched the DIY showes we taped from the night before. Ahhh...we can be so boring/I love it like that ;)
  • Making lego-man chocolates for Pieter to satisfy his sweet/lego tooth!
  •  Light and tasty dinner for two, wholeweat wraps with avocado, grilled chicken, lettuce and a delicious yoghurt dressing. It was goood!
  • Bunny's first time ever, playing in the snow. Since he's an indoor bunny, he's not used to snow or any outdoor rarities for that matter but he loooved it :)
  • BEST. PRESENT.EVER. Amongst the things you could see in yesterday's post, Pieter also got me these thermo soles, nope not the most sexy gift you can think of but OMG it saved my life (okay, feet..) for the past couple of weeks so much! If you're like me and are always cold, keeping your feet & head warm are the 2 things you wanna do. Head is easy with awesome beanies that are around everywhere, but keeping your feet warm without wearing huge snowboots all the time can be quite the challenge so these babies turned out to be the gift I never knew I always wanted. Thanks babe! Xx


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