• Bought these 'they-make-me-happy-just-looking-at-them' socks at H&M the other day, because you know.. polkadot makes the world a happy place :D
  • Having some chicken cup-a-soup for a cold day (while having a cold) is the best!
  • Bunnyyyy!!!!
  • Just one of those let's give myself a manicure / treat me to a face-mask / read Elle magazine with my nails still wet / and listening to all my favourite songs on spotify kinda day ;)
  • Decorating a cake with some homemade vanilla buttercream and A WHOLE LOTTA discodip! (still finding that stuff all over the floor and I've only vacuum cleaned this place, o well.. a hundred times! haha)
  • But it looked so pretty once finished! Made it for my boo to surprise him after a long day of work and just to celebrate the beginning the weekend, why not :)
  • Bought this colourful, pretty pompom guirlande and Zoef is being a very good Bunny keeping a look out and NOT trying to eat it, love you lots little guy!!
  • The actual unfolding of all the pompoms took wayyy longer than I expected, especially for someone with the attention span of a fly like me ;)
  • All types of small vases with one of my favourite flowers in them to celebrate the upcoming spring season. 
  • Decorating the house for Easter and instead of the usual 'branch-in-large vase' I tried out something new and hung it upside down. Gotta say, I really like it this way and might do this more often :)
  • Yay! Sunshine! Okay, so it's still way too cold for this time of the year.. but if you just stay indoors and sip a bit of fruitjuice behind the glass you can feel spring is coming.
  • There is just something about these tiny, fluffy little chicklets that make your home instant Easter & spring ready!


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  1. Hi Daphne!
    Hoe maak jij de vanille buttercream??

    1. Hoi Elise,

      Ik maak hem van gelijke delen poedersuiker/boter en voeg dan het merg van 1 vanillestokje toe, maar een paar druppels vanille aroma zou ook kunnen :) En dan gewoon mixen tot het een mooie creme wordt.

      Liefs, Daphne

  2. Your bunny is too cute to look at his photo only once. So sweet Easter decor you have.
    Visit my blog when you find time, feel free leave a comment. http://brynhildland.blogspot.com/


    1. Hahaha I'll let him know you liked his photo, he will be one proud bunny! :)

      Have a lovely weekend, xxx


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