• Latenight walk in some verrrry collld weather!
  • The boys playing their games while me & Lianne made cupcakes, the perfect way to double date ;)
  • First time EVER experience with Domino's pizza and we LOVED IT!
  • Yup, that was a very sharp knife on our kitchen machine.
  • Which also meant showering with a glove on for the next couple of days so the bandage didn't get wet.
  • Okay so I knew I ordered much, but didn't expect the package to be this huge ;)
  • Annnd back to snowing again.
  • Family snap.
  • Our very relaxed and no-shoes valentines day date.
  • So familiar to see Pieter all covered in cement dust again. (one of our best friends always jokes around saying ahhh, now I recognise him again ;)
  • Snow one day and coming downstairs to a bunch of sunshine the next. Hello March!
  • Having a very hot cup of tea at a friends house.

  • Trying to learn how to play the guitar but stopped after 1,5 hours, my fingers hurt like a *%&# haha.
  • Bought some snowboots with kick-ass neon yellow laces just to find out they DO NOT keep your feet warm, hmmh... might invest in Sorel boots any time soon.
  • Burger & fries, amen.
  • Saying cheeeese on our date to the zoo.
  • Wrapping presents and getting ready for my sweet cousins' birthday, it was so much fun!
  • My favourite lunch on a day doing some stuff at home and cuddling with bunny :)


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  1. Wat een vrolijke foto's (op je duim na!). Je hebt een flinke doos van de H&M ontvangen, leuk!


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