Hi guys! As I'm typing this I'm trying to fight my cold that's becoming more and more a 'flu type of thing' but as long as we don't recognise it, it's not there.. (very healthy way of dealing with things ;) The other week I was going through my kitchen cupboards and found some leftover muesli from when I made another batch of these. I thought it'd be fun to try out something new and combine it with my favourite Martha Stewart cookie recipe (here) and turn it in to a slightly more healthy option but stil very tasty!
  1. I made half of the cookie recipe, replacing the regular flour with wholeweat, using light butter (which I, except for this recipe, always do and never have the feeling I am compromising taste-wise) and adding a bowl of breakfast muesli.
  2. Spreaded it out on a baking sheet and baked it as I would when making normal cookies.
  3. Make a ganache using a metal bowl over some simmering water, warm some coffee creamer (or regular cream) in it, take bowl of the heat and add chopped up dark chocolate till a nice chocolate spread appears.
  4. Cut your cookie in half, cover one half with the ganache and sandwich together.
  5. Cut them into the size you like and tadaa! You're ready dig in :)


PS. you can check all my recipes on the recipe page here!

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