O.MY.GOD. I can't believe we managed to get tickets! I'm so excited about this! A little while ago Pieter texted me during the day telling me Bruno Mars was coming to Holland and I freaked, instantly. Still we had to wait a couple of weeks before the ticketsale started and 2 weeks ago the day was here. I got up urrrrly and got in line / online which resulted in some a-ma-zing frontrow seats.
We are the kind of people who love listening to music, checking out clips on youtube for hooourrrs and spotify is my new best friend. Pieter got me the cd-single of Just the way you are a couple years ago when it was just released and since then we've bought the albums and we are hooked! Can't wait for October to arrive!
PS1. Was too excited to tell it before so that's waddup with the belated post ;)
PS2. Have you checked out this promotion clip about the tour?? Makes me nervous and excited, both! Aaahhhh.

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