• Made THE BEST chocolate cookies I've ever tasted, thankgod for Pinterest and finding new blogs AND recipes :) Recipe will be up on the blog in a little while!
  • The prettiest teaspoon we own, ain't it cute?
  • A quick icecream run after work is one of my favourite things to do on a dull day, we got it from our recently discovered but already on top of the list icecream places IJS&SPIJS (they also sell a-ma-zing chocolate which is also in the bag ;)
  • We went to the Efteling with friends on a freezing cold Sunday a couple weeks ago and nobody wanted to go in the ship except for Pieter, so we sat on the little wooden bench being scaredy cats while Pieter had an awesome time. Everybody wins haha.
  • If your coin lands on the plate the fish is carrying your wish is told to come true, but nobody tells you what happends if it doesnt.. I'm willing to believe it comes true anyway ;)
  • Popcorn for an evening of watching our favourite TVshows we've taped during the week : Elementary, Under Employed and Emily Owens MD. Do you watch any of these?
  • The 2 loves of my life.
  • O MY GOD I need this backpack!!! It's comfortable to wear, can fit a loooottttaaa stuff AND it has birds on it. I'm sold!
  • Can't remember where but I found this quote on the internet a while ago and loved it so much. Definitely have to live more by that rule.
  • Making a cheesecake.
  • Snuggling up on the couche with ma bunny (and the vein ;)
  • Love how the afternoon sunlight hits our kitchen!

  •  Sunny drink for a sunny morning! (don't go outside though, it will ruin the sunny vibe with the whole siberian wind thing and all....)
  • Shameless mirror-selfie wearing the satin Zara dress I bought last summer.
  • Men + tattoos + plain white t-shirts = LOVE (that's all I'm saying..)
  • Making a festive cake guirland for Pieter's surprise cake :)
  • Me-time in the form of getting a facial and my nails did (by me) while reading Elle magazine!
  • ZoefZoef and his papa checking out bunnies on the world wide web ;)
  • Happy faces in the car (and waving to Lianne to let her know we were on our way :)
  • Outfit-of-the-day snap wearing H&M kids sequin flats, bright yellow pants and necklace by H&M and striped knit from Zara.
  • Nuts & a cup of tea in the morning, mmm.
  • Me and Lianne during our Glamour day shopping trip, we were COOOOLD!!!!
  • Pieter and I enjoying our Domino's pizza, so good.
  • Ofcourse having pizza is always better when eating with the best company Arnout & Lianne :)
  • Pieter convincing me in the supermarket that there are smurfs in the fruit & vegetable section, just to find these 3 apples stacked upon eachother.. (for those of you who don't know about smurfs, they're little blue creatures that are supposed to be 3 apples high ;)
  • Having a mulitple layer day at work. And I mean several layers of fleece, thermo shirts and a big parka to keep me warm, yes thank you.
  • My new H&M sunnies!
  • THE disco-dip cake I made for Pieter you already saw in this post.
  • After being scared to use these Crest White strips for a long while (I've heard some real horror-stories about these!) I've decided to try them for myself and see what the fuzz is all about. I've only used them twice but can already see my teeth getting whiter (no Audrina Patridge kinda white, but still... white :) AND they didn't hurt at all!!
  • Okay, I caved.. already tried this skirt/short on at Zara but regretted not getting it so ordered it online and I'm happy I did. Even though it's the most seen item on the blogosphere right now, I know it will make me very happy this summer ;)

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  1. Hi!
    Waar is dat cutie theelepeltje van? en waar heb je die whitening strips gekocht? Die komen niet uit NL toch?
    Thanks! Fijne avond :)

    1. Hi meis!

      Ik heb de theelepeltjes bij ons in Cuijk gekocht bij Via Canella maar zag dat je ze ook op internet kunt verkrijgen via :


      De whitestrips heb ik via http://www.instantwhite.nl/ gekocht, super snelle verzending!

      Jij ook een super fijne avond nog :)

      Liefs, Daphne

    2. Lees nu pas je reactie, sorry!
      Heel erg thanks voor de sites meid!

      Geniet van je weekend :)


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