Loving my new bling! Thanks so much to the sweet Sanne for sending me these beautiful little bracelets! They are the perfect addition to my more and more growing jewelry collection. I seem to have a thing for everything gold lately, don't know what it is since I used to be an all-silver-kinda-gal but it's all gold that's on my mind for now (well, mostly.. gotta make an exception for my new chunky silver necklace but I'll tell you more 'bout that later on ;)
Happy weekend!


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I know how you feel.., It's Monday you don't feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time (let's face it, there are comedy shows to be seen on tv during dinner time ;) but you do want something healthy and nutricious to sit down with. Homemade soup is THE way to do it!

Here's what you'll need (2 people):

For the soup
  • 1 zucchini
  • 2 onions ( I used 1 red + 1 white)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 liter of vegetable stock ( I made mine using a cube)
  • salt & pepper

For the crostini's
  • 1 french baguette (6 slices for the crostini's, eat the rest with some pesto butter and dip it in the soup mmm..)
  • 1 tomatoe
  • green pesto
  • mozzarella
  • salt, pepper & some dark brown sugar

How is this done? :
  1. Take the zucchini, onions & garlic clove and chop them till fine. Don't mind if it's not pretty, you're gonna blend the whole thing later on so no sweat! Heat some oil in a pan and cook them on a medium heat for about 5 minutes. Now add your stock and close the lid.
  2. While your soup is slowly becoming awesome, yes it will :) Take 6 slices of your baguette and put them on an oven rack. Smear a bit of pesto on the top side, put on a slice of tomatoe and top it off with some mozzarella. Season with salt, pepper & a bit of dark brown sugar. Place it in a hot oven for about 5 minutes or till the mozzarella starts to melt.
  3. Now use this time to take your soup off the heat and blend it to become a smooth and silky deliciousness. (you can use a food processor, stand blender or immersion blender, whatever you like) Put it back on a low heat and season it with some salt & pepper and maybe add some water if you want it to be less thick.
  4. Take your crostini's out of the oven and serve directly with a nice bowl of soup, the rest of the baguette and some herbed or pesto butter. Bon appétit! 

PS. I was so excited since it was my first ever go at making homemade soup and if I'd known it was this quick and easy I would have done it many, MANY times before. Let me know if you've had any experiences with homemade soup!

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Hiiii you out there! How have you been lately? Over here it's been busy but good, as they say ;) I totally forgat to show you guys this amazing dress I bought at Monki when we went to Essen the other day and since it hasn't exactly been 'bare-legged-let's-wear-a-flowy-summer-dress' weather I'm gonna let you two meet through these pictures. So. sweet readers, Monki dress - Monki dress, meet my sweet readers! (I just realised I might have lost it, completely totally lost it ;)

Anyway I can't wait to wear this baby out, the cut-out on the back is just too good and I love the way the hem is longer in the back and shorter at the front, ahhhh... such a good dress!



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grey blazer, pink shoulder bagslingback heels - Zara // camo tee - Nijmeegs Jopie // black skinny - H&M
midi rings - Gina Tricot // love necklace - Mijn Naamketting

A tiny bit belated outfitpost, this is what I wore for Mothersday and I cannot believe it was warm enough for those heels and a t-shirt that day.. I'm sure you hear all the dutch bloggers about it, IT IS FALL over here! But let's think sunny thoughts (bikini's/sun/popsicles/sunscreen/watermelon/... keep it going as a mantra people ;) and focus on the outfit. I'm so happy with my Zara foldable bag! Have never seen a bag that closes like this before and just had to have it, you know how those things can go.. haha.

Almost weekend again sweeties!


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This is just the perfect Sunday morning breakfast.. or Saturday afternoon lunch.. or maybe a Wednesday pick-me-up.. you'll get what I'm saying ;) It's ready to eat in minutes and to me there's nothing like warm fresh fruit over some warm crunchy baked toast, mmm...
What you'll need (2 servings) :
  • 4 slices of bread, white or wholegrain
  • 3 eggs
  • a big handfull of fresh blueberries
  • half a lemon
  • splash of milk
  • some sugar (granulated + icing for dusting)
  • a bit of cinnamon
  • some butter for the pan
How to get this on your plate :
  1. Mix together the eggs with the milk, sugar and cinnamon. Heat up a frying pan (medium to high heat, but not too high) and add some butter to the pan.
  2. Wash the blueberries and warm them in a saucepan over a medium heat, add the juice and zest of half a lemon and let simmer till it becomes a sauce. Add sugar to your taste.
  3. Meanwhile, dip your bread through the egg-mixture and bake in the frying pan till golden on both sides.
  4. Now put your crunchy french toast on a plate, dust over some icing sugar and top it off with the delicious fruity blueberries. Enjoy!!
Have you ever tried french toast before?  

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  1. How cool is this plaid patched denim shirt! I'd love to pair it with some bare legs and cool sandals for this summer, maybe some awesome round framed sunnies and a high bun to keep all that sticky hair out of your face, ahhh.... the thought of warm weather alone puts a smile on my face :) You can get this baby at Kissing in Traffic.
  3. Popcorn and cookies, cookies AND popcorn! Why have I never thought of this before? Thank you so so much Joy for putting these almost sinful treats online, can't wait to start making (and eating!) these. The recipe is up at Joy the Baker. 
  5. I have actual daydreams about parties! Yes I do and I know some of you out there do that with me..) My perfect idea of a party is ofcourse a bunch of fun people, in our house, with way too many good food & drinks AND an absolute decoration overkill (but still classy, ofcourse ;) It's things like these matched pompoms + paper cups + striped straws that do the trick for me. They're available at Joy & Co.
  7. BE-YON-CÉ! How did I miss this video when it came out about almost a year ago? I haven't got a clue, but ever since one of my cousins (love you sweetie!) showed it to me I've been obsessed, no really I can't stop playing this over and over again. It's the lyrics, the videoscreen in the background, her gracious beauty, that voice ahhh, it is everything. And I love it. You can check the video on her VEVO Channel.

Hey boo's!! How've you been? I love having some regular items here on the blog (just like TMIC, the monthly SELECT posts and previous Sunday Select) and I'm so excited to show you my new regular item : FOUR I FANCY. The idea is to bring you the 4 things I'm currently obsessed by and crazy over, and hopefully inspire you with some things that I love. Also I would love to hear what you think about them and if you have anything you're crushing over lately?


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Heeeyyyyy! What have you guys been up to this weekend? Over here it was the most awful, grey and non-motivating weather you can think of (so much for my tanning schedule..) Luckily I had an appointment at the hairdressers so that took care of at least 3 hours of Saturdays rainy afternoon. Just sipping on mint-tea, skipping through Vogue's pages and feeling scared/excited about what I'll look like after everything's done. What is it with us girls and our love/hate affairs with getting our hair done?

Okay, so about the hair.. It's nothing major or a drastic, but I got some layers and wanted to lighten up some of lower parts without having an ombre or dip-dye like I had before (here, here & here) and I'm veeeery happy with the result! Will show you guys some better pictures later on, but for now here's one with me trying to smile in a normal way, awwkward (!) and a weird-face-one just so you know it's still me ;)



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  • Dancing in my sweatpants in the middle of the livingroom, ..why not ;)
  • Easter brunch, which means a colourful set table with fresh OJ, dyed eggs, soft cheeses and hot out of the oven baked buns.
  • And for the second Easter day we had a cheese fondue party with just the two of us, it's our go-to holiday tradition without having to stand in the kitchen too long.
  • THE Zara denim dungarees I didn't buy, regretted immensely and then ordered it online as quickly as they restocked it haha.
  • H&M fittingroom selfie with Pieter's shoes peeking from underneath the curtain :P
  • Love this bright coloured art section and would love to recreate something similar in our home.
  • Once a week Pieter has classes till late in the evening so I have dinner by myself, sometimes I don't mind cooking it up for just me but it's also very satisfying having a bowl of soup with some bread & salade :)
  • Latenight run with my beanie on, it still get's very cold over here after sundown.
  • An evening with family and friends watching Mama Mia (shamelessly singing along to all the songs!!) and dancing our asses off to Michael Jackson songs on the Wii.
  • Finally Pieter finds the pair of Vans he loves, but they were sold out in his size.. damn.
  • Snuggling with cutiepie ZoefZoef, a must on a day of!
  • Instead of having diner on a Saturday eve, why not put out some tasty cheeses, wholeweat bread and a fresh salad. The perfect snack-like diner for an evening of watching our favourite tv-series.
  • In the back of our car with sweetie Lianne on our way to go climbing with the boys.
  • We have a thing lately where if there is only one ray of sunlight, one of us calls for a 'tropical drink'. It's only apropriate for ALL DAYS SUNNY. Even if you only put a strawberry on the side accompanied by some awesome pair of sunglasses, it counts :D
  • Washing the car, not joking around but I love to do this on a warm day! Who says playing around with water is just for kids?
  • Us in our climbing-gear, feeling very fierce that moment ;)
  • The dark chocolate peanutbutter cookies you saw here in the making.
  • Having a scaaaary moment at work! One of the pallets holding around 1000kg of fluids broke down in the shelves and getting it out was quite nerve wracking I tell ya!
  • Ahhh opening the garden doors and soaking up some sun in our backyard.
  • Yay! We finally took out our mics again and had a very fun karaoke/songpop night. My achy breaky heart, lalala..
  • Warmer (and dry!) evenings also mean sitting outside with everybody and getting the fire going again.
  • Love this color by Collistar!
  • Made some cinnamon buns the other evening, this was a store-bought mix but it definitely made me wanna try some from scratch.
  • Remember I told you the only shoe-wear I bought at Primark (here) were some tacky slippers? Well here they are :) haha
  • A pop of orange for my kings/queensday outfit.
  • Keeping things veeeery uncomplicated with some fizzy drinks with lemon & having some winegums straight out of the bag ;)
  • Family tv-time on the couch, bunny loves him some tv!
  • Wearing my burgundy leopard pants again (for a short while though, somehow they just don't fit me in the right way) OWYES and my new Saltwater sandals WOOOOT!
  • Making my favourite sandwich once again, how did I ever survive without avocado? I seriously wonder..
  • Hellyeahh people, it's BBQ season again which means dragging our bbq to our neighbours a few doors down the road (they have more sun in the evening;) and enjoy all the different salades us ladies make while the men grill their meat, haha.
PS. Check the other TMIC posts right here!

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Last week I finally got to go to Primark for the very first time, EVER! I heard so much about it, somethings incredibly good and others well, let's say not so very.. ;) so you can imagine I just had to see for myself. A couple of years ago we went to the shop in Rotterdam on a shopping Sunday just to find out it was closed (arrghhh 2 hours drive for nothangg, thankgod the other shops were open!) But this time we went to Essen in Germany and check, check double checked if it was open and YES it was.
I gotta say, it wasn't as bad as some of the things I've heard but I still was a tiny bit disappointed. Don't know exactly why, maybe the poor fit of some of the clothes, the synthetic fabrics and from all the shoes I've tried on I only took some (very tacky! but boy I love them!) terry cloth slippers home with me. We did also pop in to the Lego store and put together our own mini-figures, mine is a tiny girl with a disc cutter haha I'll show it to you later on :) and picked some things up from Monki.
We also had a very fun and energetic sleepover buddy at our house this past week in the form of our neighbour bunny Walter. They're not the best of friends (arch-enemy might be a word that pops in to your head..) so we keep some glass in between them for all safety ;) it was so much fun having him though!
Gawsh I'm chatty today, talk to you soon!

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This last picture might seem a bit odd in the mix, but... these were the photo's we took on our way to get some icecream and it was our only thing 'orange-related' we ate this past queens/kingsday. Usually we always go out and buy ourselves some orange millefeuilles as kind of a tradition between friends (as you can see here & here), but this year non of us got out to buy some and by the time we got round to it they were all sold out.. So here's to the best millefeuilles-replacement EVER! It was orange stracciatella icecream with orange chocolate chunks, seriously if you ever come across this area of the Netherlands you cannot leave without having a bite of ijs&spijs icecream. It.Is.Too.Damn.Good!!!

What are you up to this weekend? As far as I can remember we have nothing going on, but more than often by the time it's Sunday eve we've had a packed weekend so let's see what this one brings us :)


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