This last picture might seem a bit odd in the mix, but... these were the photo's we took on our way to get some icecream and it was our only thing 'orange-related' we ate this past queens/kingsday. Usually we always go out and buy ourselves some orange millefeuilles as kind of a tradition between friends (as you can see here & here), but this year non of us got out to buy some and by the time we got round to it they were all sold out.. So here's to the best millefeuilles-replacement EVER! It was orange stracciatella icecream with orange chocolate chunks, seriously if you ever come across this area of the Netherlands you cannot leave without having a bite of ijs&spijs icecream. It.Is.Too.Damn.Good!!!

What are you up to this weekend? As far as I can remember we have nothing going on, but more than often by the time it's Sunday eve we've had a packed weekend so let's see what this one brings us :)


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